zMors EQ update – Sven Braun tweaks his iOS AU EQ app

Download from iTunes App Storezmors eq logo 1I’ve reviewed Sven Braun’s zMors synthzMors Modular and zMors EQ here on the Music App Blog in the past and covered the various updates of these various apps as their specs have been refined and expanded. They are all very cool and, for geeky synth-heads, as a modular environment, zMors Modular is a lot of fun.

So, given Sven’s pedigree, I’m more than interested in anything new he might have to offer and, yesterday, the something new was the first formal update – v.1.2 – to zMors EQ since it was launched in June last year.

zMors EQ – a flexible 5-band EQ plugin in the AU format for iOS.

Essentially, what you are getting with zMors EQ is a 5-band EQ with various modes for the different bands and a rather elegant-looking UI that gives you a clear visual cue as to the EQ curve you are applying. So far, so good…  but perhaps the highlight features are (a) that the app includes mid-side options (rather like M/S Proc) and (b) it is available as an AU (v3) plugin format only. The app includes an ‘analog noise’ feature (to give the EQ some analog character) and automation from within your AU host.

The updates adds some new presets to the app.

In terms of other basics, the app requires iOS9.3 or later, an iPad 4/iPad mini 2 or newer, is universal, and is a 1MB download. Launched at just UK£4.99/US$4.99, it is also inexpensive enough to tempt almost any iOS music maker.

You can toggle the slider function between the three main parameters for each EQ band.

There are a number of new features and options introduced with this update. For example, the lower strip of buttons has been expanded for easier workflow/navigation. In addition, a collection of new presets have been added designed by Christian Thompson. The main horizontal slider can now be switched between three parameters – gain, Q and frequency – at the users discretion. However, if you double tap on one of the EQ nodes within the display, then you can now also do direct entry of the data values for each of these parameters.

Direct data entry for each band is also now available in the app.

Anyway, it’s great to see zMors Eq get a refresh and new features. As and AU plugin it brings the usual advantages of multiple instances and, as shown in the screenshots here, the update seemed to be worked well in some brief testing within Cubasis this morning. The five-band format is more than enough for most routine EQ duties and, as far as my own testing goes, zMors EQ seems to come with a pretty modest CPU load….  which is great for a plugin that you might well insert of every track on a project.

OK, so that’s your AU formatted EQ sorted….   I wonder if the next target is zMors Compressor? While there is already AU competition for that from Klevgrand, it would certainly be good to see. Fingers crossed at this end :-)

zMors EQ

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    1. We need more AU Comp/Lim please! Just not enough of them at the moment.

      • ConfusedKitten says:

        That’s an interesting observation Holotropik, as the desktop world is seemingly saturated in variations of often vintage modelled compressors and limiters (and EQ’s etc) but there are very few on iOS currently! As you say perhaps the new AU format will lead the way as I’ve recognised that the formats definitely starting to pick up some momentum with new releases (which is pretty exciting)! :)

      • Yep, that would be good….. I wonder who will be first with a few ‘clones’ of some hardware classics? :-) very best wishes, John

      • ConfusedKitten says:

        In an eerily timely manner, there’s a new limiter (just released) by DDMF called ‘NoLimits’ (AUv3) the iOS gods have clearly being listening and answered your wishes Holotropik! ;)

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