Zeeon Synth updated – BeepStreet’s new iPad synth gets some refinements

Download from iTunes App StoreBeepStreet are perhaps best known for their Sunrizer synth app which has been around on the App Store for a long time and has a dedicated following amongst the long-standing iOS synth fanatics. They also offer the excellent Impaktor drum synth which perhaps doesn’t have quite the profile it deserves.

However, I posted a full review of their new Zeeon Synth app here on the blog a couple of weeks ago. Zeeon Synth is hugely impressive, offers a great analog vibe in both aesthetics and sound and arrived with AU support. And, with a launch price of just UK£9.99/US$9.99 still in place, it’s not so far up the iOS music app price range that keen synth collectors can easily take a speculative punt….  although, at this price, it is an absolute bargain. Over the last few weeks, this has undoubtedly become a very firm favourite for my own iOS music making.

Zeeon Synth – BeepStreet’s first iOS app that includes AU support…..

Anyway, having added a full MIDI Learn feature in the previous update, BeepStreet have now delivered a further round of refinements to Zeeon Synth in v.1.2. This includes better options for handling MIDI input and channel selection, a new modulation source within the very neat sound modulation system and a new model for the distortion elements of the synth engine. Oh, and their are a few under-the-hood improvements and fixes as well…..

The UI is slick…. and perhaps has a hint of the SEM about it?

We all probably own too many synth apps but, in terms of whether Zeeon synth is a great app, just how many other synths you own is beside the point…. Zeeon is very good indeed and rapidly becoming one of my firm favourites given the AU support. You might pay for it’s glorious sound in terms of CPU cycles, but it undoubtedly is a very glorious sound and the overall design is really very slick.

The app is iPad-only, requires iOS9.3 or later, seems to need an iPad Air or newer, and is just a 14MB download. At UK£9.99/US£9.99, this is a bit of a no-brainer for any serious iOS synth collector. Check out the demo videos embedded below and then hit the App Store download button on your iPad to find out more… but this is a great app and well work a look :-)

Zeeon Synth

Download from iTunes App Store

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    1. I still wish this would open in aum as IAA. That sequencer is one of my favorite things about it and not getting to use it in auv3 is a bit disappointing. Great sounding synth though.

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