Zeeon Synth launched – BeepStreet add a new iPad synth to their iOS catalogue

Download from iTunes App StoreBeepStreet are perhaps best known for their Sunrizer synth app which has been around on the App Store for a long time and has a dedicated following amongst the long-standing iOS synth fanatics. They also offer the excellent Impaktor drum synth which perhaps doesn’t have quite the profile it deserves.

Today, however, they have added a new app to their iOS catalogue and, yes, while it is another synth app (and, yes, we probably all have more of these that we actually need!), Zeeon Synth does look like a very interesting option. And, with a launch price of just UK£9.99/US$9.99, it’s not so far up the iOS music app price range that keen synth collectors would take a speculative punt….

Zeeon Synth – BeepStreet’s first iOS app that includes AU support…..

In term of basic details, Zeeon Synth is a virtual analog synth and powered by what BeepSteet describe as ‘an advanced analog circuit modelling engine’. Whatever the code, the front-end UI looks very modern and slick with the key controls spread across two main screen within the upper portion of the display. The synth itself is a twin oscillator design with variable waveforms and, rather interestingly, the engine includes code to simulate analog drift and the influence of the power supply….  The filter offers three models, there are twin LFOs and both filter and amplitude envelopes. And, to make things even more juicy, you can multiply all this twice as each sound can be built from two layers…..

As well as plenty of sound modulation options (including cross-layer modulation), you also get a decent crop of effects including overdrive, modulation, delay and reverb….

The main control set is spread across two panels….

When used stand-alone, the lower half of the screen provides the usual virtual piano keyboard….  but also includes a simple polyphonic step sequencer which is actually quite cool. However, the other obvious highlight of the technical spec is that the app is launched with AU support and, while that drops the keyboard (obviously) and the sequencer, the AU UI is otherwise identical so you get each access to the control set and the presets (of which there are plenty).

The preset system includes categories for filtering your searches.

I’ve only had the briefest of plays so far but – yet again – we have another very impressive set of sounds here. Zeeon Synth sounds very good indeed and I’d be very surprised it the combination of features, price and AU support don’t prove very tempting, regardless of how many iOS synths are already stretching your iPad to the limit.

Zeeon Synth includes AU support… as shown here within AUM and running alongside Sunrizer running via IAA.

Anyway, Zeeon Synth is iPad-only, requires iOS9.3 or later, seems to need an iPad Air or newer, and is just a 14MB download. At UK£9.99/US£9.99, I think it will attract a lot of attention. There are some audio demos over on BeepStreet’s website but I’ll embed a demo video below as soon as one becomes available….   A full review will follow as soon as I can dig in a little deeper but, until then, hit the App Store download button to find out more.

Zeeon Synth

Download from iTunes App Store

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    1. Fantastic, bought it Instantly for 2 reasons:
      1 AU
      2 sounds fantastic
      Wish Sunrizer will be updated to AU as well…

    2. It’s worth noting that this synth, which sounds beautiful, supports neither Audiobus nor IAA. When you use it as an audio unit the sequencer is not available. What that means is you can’t really use this in a production environment with the sequencer. An enormous oversight. I would write to the dev at Beepstreet.com and encourage them to make some changes.

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