Z3TA+ on sale – Cakewalk’s classic virtual synth at a bargain price

Download from iTunes App Storez3ta logoThere are some truly brilliant synth apps available for iOS and, if you have been making music with an iPad for any length of time then the odds are you will already have a decent collection of those synth apps to hand. While some of these apps – Thor and Nave, for example – are ‘expensive’ in app terms, given what they offer in terms of synthesis and sound, they are, frankly, an absolute steal.

There is another synth I’d put into the same sort of class as Thor and Nave; Cakewalk’s Z3TA+. I reviewed this app when it was first release and was hugely impressed with Cakewalk’s port of their desktop virtual synth to the iOS platform. And, at UK£13.99 (and, yes, the desktop version is considerably more expensive than that), it is undoubtedly great value for money.

Cakewalk have added a whole range of new MIDI features to Z3TA+

Cakewalk have added a whole range of new MIDI features to Z3TA+

It became even more so when Cakewalk released the first major update to the app a few weeks ago. This version bought a whole raft of new features but, most significantly, improved the MIDI capabilities including MIDI Clock sync and a well executed MIDI Learn facility.

Z3TA+ sounds great and, as a bargain at UK£13.99, if you have not yet given it a try, it is an even better deal for the next few days as Cakewalk have it on sale at UK£10.49. If you had been tempted before but not pushed the button, now might be the time to cave into your synth app lust and grab a copy. Highly recommended.


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    1. The best iOSsynth. And among the best things in the world. I like this more than the desk top version, and what comes to software synths, this made me go full iOS synth player.

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