Yonac sale – TODAY ONLY – apps such as Tonestack, Steel Guitar and Magellan at bargain pricing

Download from iTunes App Storetonestack logoI reviewed developer Yonac’s ToneStack virtual guitar rig here on the blog when it was first released and the app has had a number of updates since that have added to the functionality offered. Yonac are also the developer behind Magellan (their flagship iOS synth).

Tonestack attracted a lot of attention when it hit the iTunes App Store last July and it sounds very good indeed – up there with the best of the guitar amp sim apps such as BIAS FX or Mobile POD – that iOS currently has to offer.

Magellan is also a bit of a classic in iOS music app terms and, graphically, it has the vibe of an retro analog hardware synth. It is certainly capable of making some great sounds and, as well as a synth engine (well, two independent synth engines, actually) with a total of 6 oscillators, PW modulation, ring modulation, noise generation, an FM module, modulation options an arpeggiator and a whole bunch of effects options, it is a both highly programmable but not (overly) intimidating to the novice user.

ToneStack; a lot of guitar tone in a very modestly prices package.

ToneStack; a lot of guitar tone in a very modestly prices package.

And while I’m not sure if there is a particular reason for it, if you are very quick off the mark, then Yonac have a massive SALE going on that is (I think?) today only….. This means you can pick up a copy of ToneStack for just UK£0.79 (which is, frankly, crazy; just buy it as an effects processor even if you don’t play the guitar). Magellan is also on sale.

Magellan - Yonac's flagship iPad synth is a bit of an iOS music app classic.

Magellan – Yonac’s flagship iPad synth is a bit of an iOS music app classic.

What’s more, some of the IAPs available within the ToneStack and the excellent Steel Guitar (where the app itself is free) are also on sale. For example, ToneStack’s ‘Motherload v.2’ IAP, usually available for UK£34.99, is only UK£13.99/US$19.99. This IAP is excellent value at full price so the sale price is also a real bargain.

Steel Guitar - sounds great and is way easier to play than the real thing :-)

Steel Guitar – sounds great and is way easier to play than the real thing :-)

Anyway, once you have had a quick dig around the back of the sofa for your loose change, head over the the App Store and pick yourself up a good deals…  just do it quickly….  :-)



Download from iTunes App Store

Steel Guitar

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    1. John (Film4Q) says:

      Thanks. Picked up Magellan and Steel Guitar with the full IAP.

      I also took a chance on AirVox, one of their tablet virtual theremin, which gets mixed reviews in the AppStore but which so far is working fine for me, though I’m not sure I’ll be using it every day (much to my neighbours’ relief, no doubt). Their Thereminator for iPhone is also great fun, albeit with a more traditional touchscreen interface.

      But I think my favourite Yonac app is Galileo, their virtual organ, which seems to get overshadowed by Magellan. It has a great range of presets, from blues, gospel and soul up to 60s garage rock and psyche, and a versatile range of features – enable the pedal board, link the manuals and set up an arp and you can be grooving away one-fingered in no time!

    2. I was looking for apps for the new iPhone 7. I will check the music apps that you have mentioned. Tonestack, Steel Guitar and Magellan are very famous music apps. I know about Tonedtack but i haven’t checked the other two apps before. Thanks for sharing the list…

    3. Hi John, thanks so much for the heads up…….not quite sure how i managed to overlook these really top notch apps before……really, really great quality apps, thanks to your blog i just got Tonestack + motherload + Magellan for 15 quid……..incredible……..thank you………..!

    4. Just wanted to say for anyone thinking of adding Tonestack to their ios app collection, that the space echo emulation is the best i have heard across all platforms……..worth the entrance fee alone,in what is a very, very , good sounding app……..really impressed…..cheers, mark……

    5. Magellan and Tone Stack are top notch, and among my most used music apps! This is a steal!!

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