Yamaha MIDI adapeters announced – universal Bluetooth MIDI adapters with iOS support

yamaha wireless midi press 3While I happy to admit to a bit of anti-cable OCD in my studio space, if you are involved in any sort of high-tech music making, cable spaghetti is a bit of a way of life. Of course, any opportunity to reduce that is welcome and, whether that’s single cables that carry multiple signals or wireless connectivity, providing the performance is fir for purpose, less cable clutter is a good thing.

All of which means lots of musicians – iOS musicians included – will be quite interested to see just how well Yamaha’s new wireless MIDI adapters work. Announced during the NAMM show, albeit still with a bit of a ‘coming soon’ tag rather than any official launch date/price combination that I’ve been able to find (although feel free to add details in the comments if you know otherwise), the MD-BT01 and UD-BT01 look like they might be very useful little gadgets….

Wireless Bluetooth MIDI for any MIDI hardware thanks to Yamaha.....

Wireless Bluetooth MIDI for any MIDI hardware thanks to Yamaha…..

The MD-BT01 offers the option to add wireless Bluetooth MIDI to any MIDI devices that features traditional 5-pin MIDI DIN ports while the UD-BT01 can convert a USB-based MIDI connection with Bluetooth MIDI based one. The only pricing details I’ve seen so far suggest a street price of around US$50 but a suggested price of nearer US$80….   but these might be well off target so ‘watch this space’ until Yamaha makes some sort of official announcement.

If they are reasonably priced – and assuming they work as advertised to deliver a reliable, low latency, MIDI connection, then I can see these devices going down a storm, particularly in a home/project studio environment. This is not the first time this kind of device has been offered (for example, Quicco Sound’s mi.1 Bluetooth MIDI interface) but I suspect with Yamaha’s big-brand backing, these new units will have a considerable marketing advantage.

There is also support for USB MIDI devices.....

There is also support for USB MIDI devices…..

If you are using more recent iOS hardware, these devices will (I think) bring three benefits. First, of course, it means fewer MIDI cables to trip over. Second, it ought to be possible to have multiple MIDI devices connected to your iPad at the same time (providing, of course, that you buy multiple adapters). Third, as you no longer have to hog your Lightning port with a MIDI interface, you can still be charging your iOS hardware while playing your favourite iOS synth/MIDI keyboard combination. Win, win, win….

Anyway, as soon as the units start to become available, I rustle up some for review and post further….  Until then, this looks like a promising pair of little gizmos….

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    1. I’d be tempted by the MD-BT01 – I can think of a few use-cases in and around my home studio!

      That said: what about MIDI devices with only one port – say, the You Rock Guitar, which only has a DIN MIDI Out and USB? I think I read somewhere, that these DIN-to-Bluetooth MIDI adapters need two MIDI ports for power purposes, so if that were true here, I guess the YRG wouldn’t work with the MD-BT01. The YRG has a mini-USB port, so I wonder if the UD-BT01 would work with a suitable USB plug adapter?

      Yes, I’m looking at buying a YRG one day :-) I wonder if anyone has used a Bluetooth MIDI adapter with one of these?

    2. I really, really, really look forward to this. I HATE cables; their the bane of every studio.
      However I wonder how this will work when you want to connect several devices to seperate hosts…How will a host know which signal to pick up on? Will this mean that you have to pair all devices seperately, every day you want to make music?

    3. Looks pretty cool, provided of course the latency is acceptable. Hope you do a review when they’re released John.

    4. Any wireless connection will introduce latency which may or not be tolerated.
      The latest Jamstik PUC+ works very well for use with controllers with 5pin DIN MIDI OUT – like YRG –
      and PUC+’s 5pin MIDI DIN jack can be software set for use in the opposite direction

      I use PUC+ with Antares ATG-1 Guitar modeler – for wireless remote control of its operations using my iPad running MIDI Designer

    5. I have got one MD-BT01 connected to my Nord Stage 2 EX connected with my ipad Air, no latency at all I suggest this little jewel to everybody, planning to buy one more to have two keybors get connected with my ipad

    6. I tried it with an older ipad and also an iphone 5C running Korg Gadget. Both had some latency, not much but enough to make me return it. I trie it with 2 diferent keyboards and the latency was the same.

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