Wizibel updated – Klevgränd add to their iOS audio visualiser app

Download from iTunes App StoreI’ve reviewed a number of iOS music apps from Klevgränd Produktion here on the blog over the last year or two – Vandelay, SquashitSvep, RoverbEnkl, WeeelKorvpressor, PressIt,  Esspresso, Jussi, HaazePads and, most recently, Syndt.

A number of these are also available in an AU plugin format for these working on an OSX desktop system and Klevgränd took a pretty bold step a few months ago when the also added AU support under iOS; it was great to see… and, in every case, I’ve been hugely impressed with the creative possibilities that these apps provide. In addition, the novel – and very streamlined – user interfaces are ideal for the AU format.

Wizibel – and easy-to-use music visualiser app from iOS music app maker Klevgrand production.

Klevgränd have recently launched a further app – Wizibel – and while the company is obviously best known for their music software products, Wizibel is something just a little different….  but might well be of interest to some within the musician community.

Wizibel is a ‘music visualiser’ app….  so, essentially, it allows you to provide some very simple visual effects to accompany an audio track when you don’t have access to a custom-shot/edited music video. If you like to put up your music/audio tracks onto YouTube, this would be a very simple tool for adding a bit of visual interest without having to get too technical about it.

The app launches with six different ‘themes’, various simple customisation options, and three different video output resolutions for different applications.

You get a number of default ‘themes’ to work with and you can customise the background image used under those themes and the text elements that appear on-screen. Three different export options in terms of video quality are also provided depending upon where you intend to eventually upload the video.

Anyway, Wizibel has been updated today taking the app to v.1.3. This brings a number of new features. For example, there are expanded text options so, for example, you could now add song lyrics to your Wizibel-based visuals if you wished. Equally, there are improved animation options on most of the themes, new transition options and more control of background zooming. However, perhaps the most welcome addition is two new themes – Bulger and Manic Cake Slicer – to give you more variety.

The highlight of the update are two additional themes – there are now 10 in total – giving you more options for creating your visuals.

In a product such as Wizibel, the themes are, of course, important to just how much usage you can get out of it. These are the second batch of new themes that Klevgränd have added since Wizibel was first released at the end of march; here’s hoping there are more to come….  and I suspect those that do get hooked on the app’s offerings would happily pay a modest IAP premium for additional content if it was forthcoming.

The app really is a doddle to use as the control set follows the KISS approach that Klevgränd usually adopt in their UIs. It is currently priced at UK£4.99/US$4.99, requires iOS9.2 or later, is universal and is a 47MB download. Check out the video below and then hit the download button to find out more via the App Store.


Download from iTunes App Store


  1. What video? Can’t see one at present. Not that I’m that fussed. I bought LumaFusion, so this is a toy by comparison.

    • LooneyFusion looks great. I will buy at some point.

    • Hi Zen, LumaFusion looks like a pretty impressive video editing platform…. but they are very different products with, I guess, very different target audiences. Wizibel is simply intended as a means of creating some ‘instant’ visuals to go with an audio track and would suit musicians who don’t want to get into a dedicated video editor and simply want some moving images for their audio when uploaded to places such as YouTube…. in that context, it is a neat, low cost, and very simple solution…. but, no, most certainly not a competitor for a fully-featured video editing platform…. Very best wishes, John

      • Wizibel has effects and graphics that react to sound. LumaFusion doesn’t yet. Zen’s comparing the two is absurd. Totally different tools for different jobs.

        If you’re creative, you’d use both. Create interesting pieces that react to sound, output, then finish compile them with more effects and transitions in Lumafusion.

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