Voice Synth update – Qneo’s voice processing synthesis app gets further refinements – and SALE pricing

Download from iTunes App Storevoice synth logo 2If you want to bring a more traditional take to your vocal processing reverb, delay, compression, EQ and, in the modern era at least, pitch correction are the stock tools of the trade. You can, of course, add in a little auto harmony generation if you need some harmony vocal parts and forgot (or your singer didn’t have the singing chops) to record them during the tracking session.

On the desktop, there are some pretty sophisticated software tools for all these types of processing but iOS isn’t too badly served also. Effects apps such as Master FX, AudioReverb, AUFX:Space, AUFX:Dub, AUFX:PeakQ and Level.24 cater for the more conventional needs while VocaLive, Harmony Voice and Auto-Tune iOS can get you started with harmony and pitch correction.

However, there are also times (and musical styles) that need something less conventional and more ‘out there’. One useful tool in this context that has become a bit of a staple in electronic music is the vocoder or voice synthesizer. Under iOS, Caustic has a nice vocoder-style instrument as part of its suite of devices but, if you want a stand-alone app that can take a live input and pass the processed output to another app such as your DAW, then there are a number of contenders at present; VirSyn’s iVoxel and VoxSyn, the new Phenom app from Wolfgang Palm and – the subject of this post – Voice Synth from Qneo.

The Voice Synth UI has had a couple of further tweaks in this update.... Note the new Vocoder Mix control on the right.

The Voice Synth UI has had a couple of further tweaks in this update…. Note the new Vocoder Mix control on the right.

I did a full review of Voice Synth on the blog a couple of years ago. I was impressed with thew more creative options it provided and, if synthetic vocal processing is part of your musical landscape, this was most certainly an app worth owning. However, Qneo released a pretty substantial update to Voice Synth in v.4.0 that hit the App Store a couple of months ago….  This gave the UI an overhaul and both improved upon, and expanded, the app’s feature set.

A further update – v.4.1 – appeared on the App Store over the week-end. This included a number of minor performance improvements and fixed a crash related to graphical issues on the iPad Pro. However, there are also some refinements to the feature set with the vocoder mix now accessible from the effects section rather than the audio/MIDI panel and the chorus mix/depth settings integrated into a single control.

As I commented when doing my original review, Voice Synth is a bit of a blast. At the usual price of UK£10.99US$14.99, Voice Synth is both a lot of fun and a serious – and, within its remit – very flexible vocal processing tool…  So, as it is now on a limited time sale – just UK£4.99/US$6.99 – it represents even better value for money. If processed vocals are your thing, alongside the new VoxSyn and Phenom, Voice Synth is most certainly well worth checking out.

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