VC-1 giveaway – five copies of Numerical Audio’s new AU chorus app to be won

Download from iTunes App StoreI reviewed the excellent RP-1  and RF-1 apps from Numerical Audio developer Kai Aras here on the Music App Blog when when both first launched. They provides compact, but well-featured delay and reverb effects respectively and both are capable of conventional and more creative treatments.

Both RF-1 and RP-1 are universal apps, requires iOS9.0 or later, are approximately 30MB downloads and are individually priced at just UK£5.99/US$5.99. However, on a technical front, perhaps the best bit is that both apps include Ableton Link and Audio Units (AU). And, as I mentioned a few days ago, both of these effects are now also available as desktop plugins….

VC-1 …. Numerical Audio add a sophisticated chorus effect to the iOS app lineup.

However, I reviewed Numerical’s brand new iOS AU effects app – VC-1 – last week. This is described as a ‘vintage voiced multi-stage chorus’ so, if modulation effects are your thing, then do check out the full review. read on….  The UI design, technical features, download size and pricing are pretty much identical to RF-1 and RP-1…..   and as this includes stand-alone, AU, IAA, Audiobus 3, Ableton Link and MIDI control, this is an effect app that is easy to slot into almost any iOS workflow.


Numerical Audio’s iOS AU effects catalogue is expanding nicely…. :-)

Anyway, Kai from Numerical Audio has provided me with 5 copies of VC-1 to give away here on the Music App Blog. As usual with the giveaways I run on the blog, the deal is simple; get your name in the hat and see if it gets pulled out.

You can enter the draw in one of two ways.

  • First, if you just want to enter this draw, then use the Contact Us page to leave your details before 10 pm (GMT) on Friday, Sept. 15th, 2017. Make sure to enter ‘VC-1’ in the message subject line.
  • Alternatively, if you want to get included in this – and every future promo code giveaway run on the site – then sign up for the Music App Blog email list before the deadline. All members of the list will automatically be entered in every draw. You can sign up here and, as a bonus for signing up, you also get a copy of the Music App Blog’s ‘25 iOS music apps to get you started‘ guide. And if you are already signed up for the email newsletter, then consider yourself entered :-)

As soon as I can organise after entries close, I’ll draw a suitable number of names at random from all those entered. I’ll then notify the lucky winners by email and include the necessary promo code. I’ll also post a list of the winners here. If you are one of the lucky ones, do make sure to use the code ASAP – iTunes Redeem Codes generally have a relatively short life span once they have been issued.

Multiple AU instances of VC-1 also worked very well…. as shown here within AUM.

Like RP-1 or RF-1 under iOS, there really is a lot to like about VC-1 and it is great to see Numerical Audio expanding their product line. At just UK£5.99/US$5.99,VC-1 can be seen as a pocket money purchase. No fuss to use, these apps all sound great and are very affordable. You can read the previous RF-1 and RP-1 reviews here if you need to catch up….   Like both of the earlier releases however, VC-1 come highly recommended. Check out the audio demos embedded below and then hit the App Store download button to find out more… Oh, and get your name in the hat :-)


Download from iTunes App Store


Download from iTunes App Store


Download from iTunes App Store


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    1. I like this app. What I haven’t seen mentioned much, is VC-1’s ability to really widen the illusion of the spatial stage. You can hear it a little bit in the ka010 track embedded, but if you tweak the settings, you can get a really nice and wide spatial effect that’s worth the cost of admission alone IMHO. :)

      • Hi Skip…. yep, you can use the app to add a little bit of stereo widening…. Perhaps this would be a more obvious thing to do on an individual sound within a mix but I guess it would ‘work’ on a full mix providing you didn’t over-cook things or stray into territory that might make the file sound a bit weird when monitored in mono…. best wishes, John

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