Vatanator giveaway results – three winners of Georgi Georiev’s streamlined drum machine

Download from iTunes App Storevatanator logo 1I’ve reviewed a whole range of different drum and groove apps for the blog over the last few years. These comes in all sorts of shapes and sizes and, within any iOS musician’s app collection, there is most certainly room for a number of these tools as, across the whole range, they offer different features, functions and approaches to working.

One recent release in this category is Vatanator. This is the first app by developer Georgi Georgiev and I did a full review of the app on the blog soon after it was released and the app has had a steady stream of updates since with the latest one, just a few weeks ago, adding AU support via a modest IAP purchase.

At a technical level, Vatanator is priced at UK£7.99/US$7.99, is currently iPad only (there is a separate ‘SX’ version for use on the iPhone), requires iOS9.0 or later and is a 370MB download. Audiobus, IAA and Ableton Link are included as is MIDI support and a comprehensive MIDI Learn system and, as mentioned above, AU support is available as an IAP option for those that need it. The design ethos between Vatanator seems to be set to strike a balance between a streamlined feature set (so the app is easy to learn/use) but with enough MIDI functionality to make it flexible.

Vatanator – a classic-style hardware drum machine recreated in an app format.

Georgi has been kind enough to provide me with three copies of Vatanator to giveaway to readers here at the Music App Blog. The draw closed yesterday and the winning names were pulled out of the hat this morning….. and the winners are:-

Brett Roberts


Ali Bayatani

The winners have now been sent an email with the details of how to get hold of their prizes. Incidentally, if you do appear as a winner in one of these giveaways and you don’t seem to have seen an email from me with the promo code details, then do make sure you check in your junk, trash or spam folders just in case your email system has ‘filed’ the message there :-)

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Via an optional IAP, you can now add AU support to Vatanator.

If you are looking for a solid, easy-to-use, beat making machine that won’t get in your way or distract you from the core task, then Vatanator has a lot going for it at a very competitive price. Once you have your head around the basics, then there is a very decent virtual drum machine on offer here. Here’s hoping that Georgi gets the support he needs to build on this promising start. To find out more, check out the review linked to above and then hit the App Store download button to find out more….


Download from iTunes App Store

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