‘How I made this….’ – iOS musicians explain ‘how to’ based on their own tracks

girl with micThere is no doubt that iOS has some fabulous music creation tools. There are brilliant synths and keyboard apps, drum machines, sample-based instruments, guitar amp sims, recording software, creative and corrective audio effects and a wide range of additional hardware you can buy to help make your iOS music making experience more efficient and creative.

However, if you are new to making music with iOS, or perhaps just new to music technology in general, how do you put all these things together and actually make some music? Just where do you get started?

Of course, iOS offers you a multitude of ways in which you can create your music. However, there is always something to be learned from seeing how others approach the task and that’s where the ‘How I made this….’ section of the website comes in.

In this section, individual iOS musicians share some insights into how they developed a specific track, they talk about the apps they used and describe the basic workflow involved. If you like, you can think of this as a ‘how to’ guide from some of your fellow iOS music makers showing you not (obviously) the only way you can do it but one way that has worked for them.

So, if you are just looking for a little initial inspiration, or perhaps just want to see how other iOS musicians go about their craft, have a read. And, if you are interested in finding out more, asking a question, or just want to say you liked the track, then please feel free to leave a comment.

Want to contribute?

shutterstock_90456850Having looked through some of these articles, if you would like to contribute to the ‘How I made this…’ section and have one of your own tracks featured here then I’ll be happy to hear from you. And don’t feel shy – contributors come from a variety of backgrounds and with widely different experience in terms of their own musical journey – they are just iOS-based musicians like you (and me) who are happy to share.

Contributions can be based on something created exclusively under iOS or a track where you have integrated iOS with other music technology hardware or a desktop-based music production system. However, the emphasis should be placed on the iOS element.

So, whether you want to share a your overall workflow for a track, or describe something that just illustrates a specific iOS music making process that you think might be interesting to other readers, then get in touch. I’ll send you back the full instructions of what’s required and we can take it from there.

Track List

…. and so, on to the track list….


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