Turnado updated – Sugar Bytes bring Ableton Link support to their brilliant iOS creative multi-effects processor

turnado logoI’m a self-confessed fan of Sugar Bytes and I think all of the iOS ports of their desktop music software. while occasionally requiring a set of reading glasses (for those of us of a certain age at least) are extremely well done and very creative. I’ve reviewed Turnado, EffectrixWOW FilterboxThesysEgoist and Cyclop on the Music App Blog at one stage or another. These are all brilliant and I use all of them on a regular basis (as well as the desktop versions of Egoist, Turnado and Thesys).

Sugar Bytes are not a developer that pops updates onto the App Store every week so, when you do come, I suspect that they might have been pretty well beta-tested and are ready to rool. That does, however, mean we sometimes have to wait a little longer than we might like….  and today’s update to Turnado is certainly one I’ve been hoping for for quite a while. Yay! v.1.3.5 – which arrived late yesterday – add support for Ableton Link :-)

Turnado - for my money, the most creative multi-effects processor available for iOS.

Turnado – for my money, the most creative multi-effects processor available for iOS.

Sugar Bytes obviously had the Ableton Link technology cracked some time ago as Cyclop got Link support back in January. However, Effectrix was updated with Link support just a couple of weeks ago so I had my fingers crossed that Turnado would not be far behind. Thankfully, that’s proved to be the case.

Having given the app a bit of a spin within AUM and with Patterning also running, the Ableton Link support seems to be working very well. As I changed tempo in Patterning, any time-based effects in Turnado simply followed that change…  This is a real favourite app of mine when I’m looking for creative processing options so to see the Link support working was a real treat :-)

Yay! Turnado gets Ableton Link support!

Yay! Turnado gets Ableton Link support!

If you haven’t given any of these creative multi-effects apps from Sugar Bytes a try yet, then do check out the original reviews (TurnadoEffectrix) and the various posts on the previous updates. While they are all closer to the top-end of the usual iOS music app price range, I’d have no hesitation is saying they each offer good value. Turnado and Effectrix provide the more adventurous of music producer with a really wild ride in terms of audio effects.

This made for a rather wonderful 30 mins of distraction....

This made for a rather wonderful 30 mins of distraction….

All of Sugar Bytes software packs in a lot of features and, as a consequence, these apps do take some learning (although there is excellent PDF documentation) but, if you have an experimental streak in your electronic music productions, they are all brilliant. Highly recommend.



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    1. ConfusedKitten says:

      I really like Sugar Bytes too! They have a unique quality to the things they produce. I’ve only taken the plunge with Cyclop so far (which is utterly crazy) but I am thinking of getting Turnado and Effectrix at some stage as they also look pretty mental and creative (which definitely describes Sugar Bytes)! Good to see they’re updating their way through everything with Ableton Link – cool!

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