Troublemaker updated – Bram Bos adds Audiobus 3 support to his 303 inspired AU iOS synth

Download from iTunes App StoreAs I mentioned back in January when doing a full review, Bram Bos latest iOS music app is Troublemaker and, as the name suggests, this is going to be an app with a certain amount of attitude. It doesn’t disappoint and it has already gained a very enthusiastic audience….  I think it’s a shoe-in for my own ‘top 10 iOS music apps of 2017’ list when the time rolls around….

Anyway, if you have not already, do read the full Troublemaker review for the details…  but the app has already had a few updates that have delivered a number of refinements and minor tweaks. For example, the MIDI Clock sync has been improved and the app now also responds to MIDI start/stop messages. The LFO behaviour has been fine-tuned as have the envelopes. The Audiobus support has also been enhanced with playback triggers. A ‘realtime mutation probability engine’ has been added (eeek!) and the sequencer, which is available when using stand-alone mode – now supports patterns up to 64 steps.

The stand-alone version of the app features a brilliant phase sequencer section with variable step length between 1 and 64 steps.

A further update appeared today. This moves the app to v.1.4 and, while there are a few minor fixes under the hood, there are also some welcome additions. Top of the list is support for Audiobus 3. This includes both audio and MIDI….  so you can now use AB3’s various MIDI routing options with Troublekaker if you wish.

The other useful change is with the Randomize function. This is a useful feature in that it lets you create a random sequence for Troublemaker to play and it’s a great way to get new ideas started. However, it now includes options for confining the freshly created patterns to a specific key/scale combination. This works a treat and, as you can put Troublemaker into ‘play’ mode, and then just keep hitting the ‘Generate’ button, you can keep going until you get that lucky break and you are off with your next musical idea :-)

The new key/scale combination feature in the randomize function is an excellent addition…..

While I’m sure Bram has plenty of further ideas in mind for future updates, I think Troublemaker is already absolutely fabulous. I love the design ethos and the AU support seems to work flawlessly. The sequencer option in the stand-alone app is also a bit of ‘keep it simple’ genius. Oh, and, most importantly, Troublemaker sounds great; if you are looking for synth-based trouble – in a sonic sense at least – then this will be right up your street.

Multiple instances of Troublemaker via AU work a treat…. as shown here within AUM.

Indeed, I think any half-addicted iOS musician is going to find the lure of Troublemaker quite hard to resist. At UK£8.99/US$8.99 then, hopefully, your bank manager (or pocket money provider?) won’t lose too much sleep over the investment…. but Troublemaker is absolute worth the price of entry. Top-notch stuff from a developer that just keeps getting better….


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