Troublemaker ON SALE – Bram Bos’ 303 inspired AU iOS synth app 50% off

Download from iTunes App StoreAs I mentioned back in January when doing a full review, Bram Bos’ latest iOS music app –  Troublemaker – is something just a bit special. As the name suggests, this is an app with a certain amount of attitude. It doesn’t disappoint and I think this is already a strong contender for my ‘top 10 iOS music apps of 2017’ selection (and, if it’s not, then we are in for a heck of a year!).

Bram is building an impressive collection of iOS music apps. I reviewed his Phasemaker iOS synth app here on the Music App Blog just after it was released. It’s a brilliant little synth inspired by the FM synth engines of the 1980s (such as the classic DX7) but with a few modern twists thrown in for good measure. I’ve also looked at both of his drum synth apps – Ruismaker and Ruismaker FM – and was suitably impressed. Troublemaker is, however, even better; this is a developer who is really hitting his stride and, in addition, embracing the AU plugin format.

Multiple instances of Troublemaker via AU work a treat…. as shown here within AUM.

Anyway, read the full Troublemaker review for the details…  but the app has a great feature set, a slick UI, a brilliant mini-sequencer (when used stand-alone) and works very well as an AU plugin in all the popular AU hosts. Oh, and the sound is top-notch.

Troublemaker’s mutation option allows you to apply real-time variations to your sequence.

Indeed, I think any half-addicted iOS musician will have found the lure of Troublemaker quite hard to resist. And, at its usual UK£9.99/US$9.99 price, it is most definitely a bargain. Which is why today – March the 3rd (3-03; doh!) – as Bram has the app ON SALE at 50% off, it’s an even better deal. I’m not sure how long the sale is going to last but, if you don’t own this app already, and you have any sort of interest in electronic music styles, then perhaps now is the right time to take the plunge? Feel free to check out the full Troublemaker review but this is top-notch stuff from a developer that just keeps getting better….  Hit that download button to find out more :-)


Download from iTunes App Store

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    1. I encourage music lovers to buy it, this is an incredible app. So good I bought all of their other apps, they are cheap’and produce excellent sound with an easy understanding of the functions.

      • ConfusedKitten says:

        Hey Marc, I agree completely and did exactly the same (re bought the entire portfolio shortly after using Troublemaker)! Bram’s software is nothing short of brilliant. I think his Ruismaker/FM drum machines are also massively under rated (which is possibly due to lack of exposure because the App Store is pretty saturated with drum apps) many of which are actually pure data patches skinned for iOS using ‘Lib-PD’ (each having their own unique sound); but what drew me to Bram’s is how they provide lots of real-time circuit modelled/crunchy FM goodness, and there is some really sophisticated ways to use them (I’m discovering) via the AU format through instancing and creative processing/FX etc. More investigation is needed but AU is definitely very cool (“…the way of the future…”) [Howard Hughes]

        Bram also mentions being open to adding further models for Ruismaker in future (which is exciting as I’ve been introduced to some diverse crazy vintage drum hardware via libraries from Goldbaby Recordings in New Zealand! Being a drum machine fiend; between them and Arturias iSpark I’m really content. Also have to mention Phasemaker, because wow that is one crazy powerful FM Synth, just listening to the presets alone through some good AKG headphones blew my mind. I honestly don’t know how I missed these tools previously but I’m sure glad I’ve discovered them now and looking forward to exploring them properly over the coming weeks! Brilliant coding/design work Bram anyway; keep up the awesome development! :)

        • Yes you are right, I discover their applications (Ruismaker) thanks to John here, I love everything of their apps, from the sound they produce (of course) to the beautiiful design, and even the care giving tot their website, showing how important the whole package pf services for them mean. I kind of felt in love with these apps. Strangely, I feel like I did not buy applications but beautiful hardware.

          • ConfusedKitten says:

            Yes absolutely Marc, I agree completely! I haven’t been in touch with Bram directly yet, but feel I should do as I’m sure developers really appreciate receiving feedback and acknowledgment from their users (that their efforts are appreciated)! His website is really useful and the supporting documentation is very helpful (I have it stored in iBooks for quick referencing)! We’re at an amazing technological juncture seemingly where software (like Brams and many other developers) is really pushing the envelope of what’s possible (and we are consequently starting to feel about software as we previously felt about hardware) as you poignantly mentioned! I must admit I’ve not had access to my studio hardware for sometime now so I’m in a similar position to where John was currently (RE when he 1st moved to France) as I have a new studio build pending in a new home; but it’s certainly going to be strange/surreal using hardware again (regularly) after mainly relying on iOS for the last few years! Kind regards! CK :)

    2. Artem Moroz says:

      Agree, Agree, Agree! )))

    3. Mark (Void Comp) says:

      Thanks John!

    4. Very nice! I had the other three, very big fan!

    5. Looks like the half price deal has gone already, shame!

      • ConfusedKitten says:

        Yeah I think it was because the date yesterday (only) was 3:03 (the 3rd of March 2017), which is really cool and made me smile! However; you shouldn’t let the absense of a sale put you off, I deliberately bought all his software full price to support the developer as his software is amazing and full price is still pocket money compared to what they’re worth (and what you can achieve with them importantly)!

        I do appreciate it can be hard though (especially if you’re newer to iOS) because getting all the bases covered initially can be frightfully expensive (regardless) although Johns free orientation guides will get you in the ‘zone’! Also the recent price hike didn’t help developers in the slightest as there’s definitely been a slow down since (I’m sure) updates generally have been at a crawl since that news (although I don’t know if that is just a coincidence or not) but it’s just a consequence of these uncertain times!

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