Troublemaker launched – Bram Bos delivers 303 attitude in an AU-friendly app for iOS

Download from iTunes App StoreI reviewed Bram Bos’ Phasemaker iOS synth app here on the Music App Blog just after it was released. It’s a brilliant little synth inspired by the FM synth engines of the 1980s (such as the classic DX7) but with a few modern twists thrown in for good measure.

If you liked Pahsemaker (and Bram’s two AU drum synths Ruismaker and Ruismaker FM) then I suspect you might also like his follow up to Phasemaker; Troublemaker hit the App Store today. Indeed, I suspect Troublemaker might bring in a pretty board audience as, while Bram is keen to stress that Troublemaker is not a TB-303 emulation, it is his take on that sound.

Troublemaker – are you looking for trouble, 303 style?

The heart of that sound was built upon some pretty raw oscillator waveforms and a filter full of character….  and that’s the key elements that Bram has attempted to capture in the new app. Oh, and a bit more besides so, while the app is indeed to go into the same sonic territory as the original TB-303, this is a sound engine that would seem to offer more that that….   As the App Store blurb states, it can even sound like a bass guitar :-)

Ableton Link support is included from launch.

In iOS terms, we get AU plugin format support from the off, although it can also run as a stand-alone app, via Audiobus or IAA. While the app is designed with the AU format in mind, like iSEM or Poison-202 (for example), this is a ‘proper’ synth engine. So, if you are keen to take your iOS music app collection down the AU route, Troublemaker is certainly worth a look. The app is currently priced at UK£7.99/US$9.99, requires iOS9.0 or later, is a 5MB download . It is also universal.

The AU support means multiple instances of Troublemaker if you have a suitable AU host.

I’ve only had a short time with the app so far but my initial impressions are very positive and it does look and sound impressive. There is a good collection of presets to get you started and you can, of course, create and save your own. In AU mode you get the key synth controls in a compact format while run stand-alone or via Audiobus/IAA you also get an interesting phrase sequencer. Ableton Link is included, MIDI support looks good (including MIDI CC mapping) and you can export both MIDI and WAV files based upon the sounds/sequencer.

Anyway, a full review will follow but I suspect this might be an app that lots of folks are very keen to try ASAP. If so, check out the promo video below and then hit the download button to find out more…..


Download from iTunes App Store

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    1. Nathan Brazil says:

      Brambos does it again. Absolutely marvelous, all singing all dancing, highly usable 303-alike app, but oh so much more fun and suited to a touch screen. Those in doubt should seek out Jakob’s Haq’s hour long video, originally streamed live, which really shows what a great experience can be had mixing and matching Torublemaker with Figure.

    2. I am loving this. I lost about 2 hours last night with this, Mo drum, and ableton link.

      Boy the iOS music making world is good these days

      Thanks Brambos

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