Triqtraq update – Zaplin add Audiobus 3 support to their pocket-sized electronic music app

Download from iTunes App Storetriqtraq logo 2One of the first apps I reviewed here on the Music App Blog back in mid-2012 was the rather wonderful Triqtraq by Zaplin Music. Not long before looking at triqtraq, I’d also reviewed Propellerhead’s Figure. I suspect Figure is an app the almost every long-standing iOS musician has experienced and, what it lacks in sophisticated features, it more than makes up for in the fun it provides.

However, if you are a fan of Figure, then I suspect you would also like Triqtraq. While the two apps approach their task in very different ways, they share a ’this is not a conventional musical instrument interface’ attitude which, for me, is one of Figure’s most appealing features.

triqtraq - brilliant fun and some seriously tool tools for the electronic music maker.

triqtraq – brilliant fun and some seriously tool tools for the electronic music maker.

If I had to sum Triqtraq up, it is sort of a ‘Figure taken further’. It is definitely an app for those that like electronic music styles and, in many respects, it is very accessible for the non-musician (or, at least, the musician who doesn’t have conventional musical instrument skills). Like Figure, you use patterns to create compositions and you get four banks of samples around which to built your tunes. You also get all sorts of interesting ways to manipulate the sounds – pan, pitch, filter, etc.

I like Triqtraq a lot and it gets regular use when I’m out and about with my iPhone and feeling creative (although it works just as well on an iPad). And it is always nice to see a favourite iOs music app gets some developer love…. with v. 1.7.2 arriving on the App Store yesterday. This version brings support for Bluetooth audio and AirPlay but perhaps the change that will attract the most attention is that it also brings ‘support for Audiobus 3’. We have now seen a few apps add this support so, presumably, Audiobus 3 is not too far away….   Hands up all iOS music makers who are interested to see just what that might have to bring?

Anyway, if you like Figure then I think you would also like Triqtraq. It brings the same ‘fun’ ethos to music creation but has enough depth to make it a very useful tool. The basics are still as described in my original review but, with the various updates since then Zaplin have gradually moved the app forward even further and ensured it stays up-to-date. Check out the short demo video below but, at the current UK£4.99/US£4.99 asking price, if you like the way touchscreens allow you to create electronic music, Triqtraq is an absolute steal…


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