ToneStack updated – Yonac bring Audiobus 3 support to their iOS guitar amp sim

Download from iTunes App Storetonestack logoDeveloper Yonac have gained a dedicated following with their ToneStack guitar amp sim app since it first hit the iTunes App Store back in 2014. It sounds very good indeed – up there with the best of the guitar amp sim apps such as BIAS FX, AmpliTube or Mobile POD – that iOS currently has to offer. It launched with a solid set of virtual equipment, a bunch of excellent IAPs, Audiobus and IAA support and, as a universal app, this is an iOS music app that lots of iPad or iPhone wielding guitar players would be quite happy to have sitting on their devices.

ToneStack provides a good range of virtual kit within the basic app…. and plenty of expansion options via IAPs.

Yonac delivered v.3.0 of the app back at the start of November 2016. As you might expect, this brought some fairly substantial changes. For example, Bluetooth MIDI is now supported if you have the necessary other hardware, while the audio engine has been fine-tuned for better performance and some tweaks have been made to accommodate changes introduced within iOS10. There was also a range of new virtual ‘kit’ users could explore available via IAP store. In addition, Ableton Link support was added in v.3.1 in December.

Anyway, v.3.2 that arrived on the App Store yesterday. This brings some technical tweaks for better performance and there has also been some refinements to the IAA support within the app. However, as with a bunch of other iOS music apps over the last few weeks, perhaps the most notable change is that ToneStack is now ready for Audiobus 3. Having given the app a bit of a spin within AB3 this morning, it seems to be working well and seems to support State Saving.

The Audiobus 3 support in the update seems to be working well.

Anyway, feel free to check out the original ToneStack review as the basic operation of the app remains much the same as v.3…  and, priced at just UK£9.99/US$9.99, and with a range of excellent IAPs to add further options, this is an app almost any guitar playing iOS musician will enjoy….  Oh, and, if you are already an owner looking to expand on your virtual rig, there are some SALES going on for Easter with the IAP content :-)


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