ToneStack ON SALE – Yonac’s iOS guitar amp sim and IAPs at bargain prices

Download from iTunes App Storetonestack logoDeveloper Yonac have gained a dedicated following with their ToneStack guitar amp sim app since it first hit the iTunes App Store a couple of years ago. It sounds very good indeed – up there with the best of the guitar amp sim apps such as BIAS FX or Mobile POD – that iOS currently has to offer. It launched with a solid set of virtual equipment, a bunch of excellent IAPs, Audiobus and IAA support and, as a universal app, this is an iOS music app that lots of iPad or iPhone wielding guitar players would be quite happy to have sitting on their devices.

As I posted last October, Yonac launched v.2.0 of ToneStack with some new features and new pieces of virtual guitar kit. These included re-working of many of the virtual components, new ’boutique’ and ‘bass’ bundles and a new ‘Motherload v.2.0’ bundle. This contains everything found in the new version of the app so you end up with nearly 40 amp models, a similar number of cabs, 85 effects and the 8-track studio option.

In v.2, all ToneStack's fuzz, overdrive and distortion effects have been reworked for better sound.

In v.2, all ToneStack’s fuzz, overdrive and distortion effects were reworked for better sound.

Yonac have delivered a couple of .X updates since then that have fine-tuned the performance and refined a number of features. These have included updates to exploit the iPad Pro display, a lower latency option for the more recent iOS hardware and tweaks to the MIDI program change and audio input channel selection options for smoother workflow.

Anyway, the app is currently on sale so, with thanks to Derek Jones over at the iPad Musician Facebook group for pointing it out, instead of the usual UK£7.99/US$9.99 for the base app, it is currently selling for just UK£3.99/US$4.99.  The range of excellent IAPs are also on sale….   with up to 50% off some bundles and 40% off the Motherload bundle. If you are a ToneStack fan, now might be the time to stock up on some additional virtual gear :-)  However, do hurry…  this is a limited-time summer sale.

Feel free to check out the original ToneStack review…  and then go grab it while you can….


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    1. Excellent!

      With the sale going on I want to be sure I have all of what they’re offering. Since its been awhile since purchasing Tonestack, ‘I think’ I already have most of their stuff.

      Does anyone know how I can check to see what I already have? Or, if I go to purchase something ‘again’ will I be notified that I already have it? Thanks

      • When you go the the ‘store’ in most apps that offer IAPs you can usually see what’s already been purchased…. and, in my experience anyway, the App Store itself is usually smart enough to stop you buying the same thing twice from a single iTunes account…. Hope this helps? best wishes, John

    2. ToneStack in my number one IOS amp. In great measure because the developer does care, and does regularly update. But also because the sounds are stellar. I bought their mother load bungle on a 1 day sale, and have been delighted with it. Plus, the excellent Steel Guitar stand-alone app, which sounds so good, very close to a real world instrument.

    3. At these prices, one would be foolish :) to not get it. Steel guitar is quite amazing as well as Nathan says. The tones in ToneStack are quite good, everything except the distortion. Especially for Metal. Sounds waaaay too digital and un realistic.

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