ThumbJam update – Sonosaurus get their classic iOS music app ready for iOS8

Download from iTunes App Storethumbjam logoThere are a few iOS music apps that have a sort of ‘classic’ status and ThumbJam – by developer Sonosaurus – is most definitely one of them.

Perhaps the thing that makes the app stand out from the iOS music app crowd is the rather wonderful way in which the playing interface has been implemented and, while the app is still a little quirky in some respects,the playing experience makes brilliant use of the touchscreen and allows you to squeeze maximum expression out of the sample-based sounds. The app also makes for a pretty good MIDI controller for other iOS synths and, if you dig in, also includes monophonic audio-to-MIDI conversion. Not bad in an app that only costs UK£5.99.

While updates are not frequent, they are regular, and it is great to see that Sonosaurus are keeping ThumbJam current. To this end, v.2.4.1 has been released and is now available via the iTunes App Store. There is the usual collection of minor fixes and improvements including fixes for monitoring in the Audiobus Output slot and the way multi-instrument presets are saved.

Thumbjam provides an unconventional way to 'play' a musical instrument - but it is both intuitive and expressive.

Thumbjam provides an unconventional way to ‘play’ a musical instrument – but it is both intuitive and expressive.

However, as with the Oscilab update that I posted about earlier today, perhaps the key item on the ‘what’s new?’ list is that the app has been updated to the latest Audiobus SDK, has improved IAA support and has had a number of tweaks made for improved compatibility with the upcoming iOS8. This is, obviously, good to note….

I’m not sure yet what I intend to do when iOS8 is finally released but I suspect the prudent thing might be to hold fire on updating my main iPad Air for a few days (or longer?) at least and wait to see just how much s*** (if any?) hits the proverbial fan for iOS musicians. On the whole, iOS7 turned out to be a fairly painless upgrade….  fingers crossed iOS8 maintains that.

Anyway, if you haven’t yet had the ThumbJam experience then it is well worth checking out. You can read the original Music App Blog review here and I’ve also covered previous updates. It offers some great sounds but the real highlight is that touchscreen performance interface that, set up correctly, almost makes it impossible to play a duff note. It’s great to see a classic of the iOS music app world staying technically current…  long may it continue.


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