Thor update – Propellerhead bring Audiobus and IAA tweaks to their flagship iOS synth

Download from iTunes App Storethor logoRegular readers here will know that I’m a bit of a fan of Propellerhead’s Thor – the iOS port of the same synth that is a well-established part of the Reason desktop music production system. Indeed, Thor is amongst my favourite iOS synths to date and it was a shoe-in to appear in my ‘top 25 iOS music apps’ guide.

You can read the full review of Thor here but it is a powerful, deeply programmable virtual synth that is capable of a fabulous range of sounds. Whether used in a recording context or for live performance, this is big enough and bold enough to work in almost any context.

Thor running within Audiobus under iOS8.

Thor running within Audiobus under iOS8.

Since it’s release, it has most certainly been one of my ‘go to’ iOS synth apps alongside the likes of Cakewalk’s Z3TA+. As you can imagine, therefore, I was quite keen to see who quickly Propellerhead might give Thor a bit of a spit and polish and turn it out the door to face iOS8. And, thankfully, that update has just dropped on the iTunes App Store….

Thor v.1.1.1 is listed as including Audiobus and IAA fixes and, while there is no specific mention of the app being ‘iOS8 ready’, having very briefly tested the app on my iOS8 powered iPad Air, it seems to work very well. In stand-alone mode I had no problems and the app also appeared quite happily in both Audiobus and as an audio-based IAA app within my IAA host of choice Cubasis. Good stuff….

Thor also seemed to work quite happily via IAA in Cubasis all under iOS8.

Thor also seemed to work quite happily via IAA in Cubasis all under iOS8.

Quite how you can get this much synth for such a small amount of money – the current asking price is UK£10.49 – is beyond me  – but you can – and Thor is very much the real deal. Like the very best of the iOS guitar amp sims, when pushed through a decent PA system or a decent set of studio monitors, it is quite scary just how much sound can be created by one app on an iPad. Sonically, Thor is massive and well worth a place in any iOS music app collection.


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    1. With Thor now iOS8 ready, there are very few apps remaining on my list that are not ready for prime time: Figure app is one, and its update will be soon I imagine. So with most all of my software tools ready, I can now move the iPad4 up to iOS8.

      It’s been an interesting experience doing the bleeding edge thing with iOS8; and as you have done John, reporting on problems and also stating what worked has really helped a lot of people….and that gives one a good feeling. But now I am looking forward to more Musical adventures in the future and less of the technical kind.

      Keep up the good work!!!

    2. Chris Catalano says:

      Good call, Toz. I will be making that uncertain transition, too, lol! Has been an adventurous 2 weeks for iOS musicians to say the very least, and now it seems there could be some light at the end of the tunnel…Not yet for me, but soon enough.

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