Thor sale – Propellerhead’s brilliant iOS synth at a bargain price

Download from iTunes App Storethor logoRegular readers here will know that I’m a bit of a fan of Propellerhead’s Thor – the iOS port of the same synth that is a well-established part of the Reason desktop music production system. Indeed, Thor is amongst my favourite iOS synths to date and it was a shoe-in to appear in my ‘top 25 iOS music apps’ guide. You can read the full review of Thor here but it is a powerful, deeply programmable virtual synth that is capable of a fabulous range of sounds. Whether used in a recording context or for live performance, this is big enough and bold enough to work in almost any context.

Thor provides a huge range of programming options but the real killer is the sound; brilliant!

Thor provides a huge range of programming options but the real killer is the sound; brilliant!

Propellerhead released v.1.1.1 of Thor back in September and the app is now iOS8 ready and has good Audiobus and IAA support. The latter allows you to use Thor as an audio (generator) sound source in a suitable IAA host such as Cubasis, Auria or Garageband, although not yet as a sound source on a MIDI track (you can, however, set up a separate MIDI track in Cubasis to sequence Thor just as before).

If you are partial the the occasional synth then I suspect you may well already own this app but, if not, and you want to experience what a God of War sounds like when converted into zeros and ones and coded as a synth, then now is a pretty good time to give it a shot. Propellerhead currently have Thor on sale for an absolute bargain price of UK£2.99…  but for a limited time only.

How you can get this much synth for such a small amount of money is beyond me  – but you now can – and as I’ve no idea just how long this price might hold, then click on the download button, flex your plastic, and grab a genuine steal before the Props change their minds.


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    1. For fans of Thor, there is a bank of 70 patches for Free at

    2. Audiobus happens to be on sale (80% off!) for those who haven’t yet made the leap… Oh, and Thor seems to be working OK with iMPC Pro too by the way. Nice!

    3. Cool. Got er last night. I’ve found out about some apps I didn’t know about by reading yer reviews on itunes ZenLizard. ;) Thanks…….

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