Teüna updated – pretty tuner app from Tonally Awesome goes to v.1.3.0

Download from iTunes App Storeteuna logoThe app store is somewhat awash with dedicated tuner apps and I’ve reviewed some of these (for example, – Guitar Toolkit and GuitarTuna) previously on the site. However, if you want a slightly different take on a digital, iOS-based tuner, then you might give Teüna (UK£2.49) a look.

I’ve reviewed Teüna previously but Nathan Vonnahme – the person behind Tonally Awesome – contacted me with news of the v.1.3.0 update which hit the App Store a couple of days ago. Nathan’s work on Teüna has been designed to make the app work in as a many musical contexts – and with as many musical instruments – as possible. This is not just a guitar tuner (although it works beautifully in that context); it is aimed at all instrumentalists and particular attention has been paid to the accuracy of the tuning detection at lower frequencies and which can be problematic with some tuners.

Teüna - probably the most elegant tuner app on the App Store.

Teüna – probably the most elegant tuner app on the App Store.

In this update, as well as adding support for an extensive range of additional languages, you can now adjust concert pitch within a range of 220 to 880Hz. This is apparently at the request for much flatter concert pitch from early musicians. In addition, you can also set fractional pitch with keyboard input.

At present, Nathan also has an offer in place for anyone who works as a music teacher. If you send Nathan a photo of yourself teaching music and details of where in the world you are, he will send you a free promo code for the app. Sounds like a good deal…  and you can find out the details here on the Tonally Awesome website.


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