Teüna review – pretty tuner app designed by a multi-instrumentalist

Download from iTunes App Storeteuna logoThe app store is somewhat awash with dedicated tuner apps and I’ve reviewed some of these (for example, – Guitar Toolkit and GuitarTuna) previously on the site. However, if you want a slightly different take on a digital, iOS-based tuner, then you might give Teüna (UK£2.49) a look.

Teüna has been developed by Nathan Vonnahme – the person behind Tonally Awesome – and is notable for a couple of reasons. First, Nathan is an experienced bass player and, having been somewhat disappointed by the accuracy of some tuners with his favourite instrument, set out to ensure that Teüna, while happy to work with any instrument at any pitch, maintained its accuracy in the lower registers. Second, it features a somewhat unusual interface – part Art-Deco and part barometer (well, that’s my best guess) – with a single needle giving you a very sensitive indicator of your tuning accuracy.

teuna main screenYou can adjust the fundamental frequency reference from the standard 440Hz within a range of 220 to 880Hz (originally this was 420 to 460 but a much wider range was offered as of the v.1.3.0 update) and the app is universal so will run on iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. It has, apparently, been tested extensively with bass (including 5-strings bass), string, woodwind and brass instruments so this is not just one for guitar players.

I gave the app a spin alongside a couple of other tuners I use on a regular basis and Teüna certainly held its own so I’d have no problems using it with any string, brass or woodwind instrument. Whatever your take on the novel visual design, Teüna certainly seems to get the job done accurately and with a minimum of fuss. If you are in the market for a straightforward dedicated tuner app that seems to have been designed by someone who wants to cater for those of a deeper persuasion than just the low E on a guitar, Teüna might be just the thing.



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