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Thanks very much to everyone who entered the draw for the Teüna promo code giveaway, whether via sending me a specific message via the Contact Us route or via signing up for the Music App Blog Email Newsletter (which, as a reminder, automatically gets you entered to all the promo code giveaways we run on the blog as long as you remain on the list).

The names were drawn at random out of the hat this morning and all the winners should have now received an email with their redeem code details.

Again, thanks to everyone who responded and a special thanks to Nathan Vonnahme of Tonally Awesome – developer of Teüna – for supplying the codes. I don’t always get full names of those who enter but, as best as I can list, the lucky few who got a copy of the app were:-

Vince (verenos)

Mark Ellis

Bob Santoro

Michael Liero

PJ Waters

If you missed the draw this time around, you can read the full review of Teüna here. It is a tuner app that is accurate and beautiful to look at :-)

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