TC-11 update – Bit Shape add Audiobus 3 support to their flagship performance-based synth app

Download from iTunes App StoreTC-11 logo 2As I mentioned some time ago, I have a bit of a guilt trip about never having got around to reviewing Bit Shape’s rather interesting iPad synth app TC-11. The app is priced at UK£23.99/US$24.99 – in the upper end of the iOS synth price bracket. However, if you like your synths, and in particular, your performance interfaces, to fully exploit what the touchscreen has to offer musicians, then TC-11 is most certainly worth a look.

The unique feature of the app is the performance interface that uses the touchscreen to trigger notes through various on-screen gestures. There are, of course, a good number of other iOS music apps that now allow you to do do but, as TC-11 has been around on the App Store since late 2011, I think it is fair to say that it was one of the pioneers in this regard. The synth engine and the rather abstract way in which you play it makes for a great combination for those interested in ambient music styles or sound design.

TC-11’s performance interfaces means this is most certainly not a conventional synth.

Anyway, when Bit Shape released v.3.0 of the app about a year ago, they bought some significant changes and additions. This included universal support and, on suitable systems, supporting split-screen use. However, perhaps the most significant change was the introduction of ‘multi-mode’. On 64-bit iPads, this allows you to use up to four different patches on screen at the same time.

Anyway, updates have been pretty regular since then and a further one – v.3.1.1 – appeared on the App Store yesterday. Aside for the usual minor fixes, this adds support for Audiobus 3. Having given TC-11 a quick run through via AB3, all seems to be well and it is good to see State Saving included in the support.

Audiobus 3 support is now included along with State Saving.

If you want a taste of the ‘TC’ approach (but without the sophisticated programming options) then you could also give TC-Performer a try…  The base app is free and their is an IAP to unlock some further preset sounds; well worth a look. Neither synth is perhaps the obvious choices for those that want to create conventional ‘tunes’, but both are great for the more experimental electronic musician.

Underneath the very slick performance interface, TC-11 has a powerful synth/sound creation engine and, while it is maybe less about conventional ‘music’ than something like Thor or Model 15, the sounds are beautiful. Like Moodscaper, as a tool for more abstract musical compositions, TC-11 is very cool….


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