Harmony Voice music app update – VirSyn add Audiobus support

I reviewed VirSyn’s Harmony Voice music app a while back (you can read that review here) and was impressed to see this type of vocal processing – familiar to desktop musicians for some time – starting to appear for iOS. As the app’s name suggests, Harmony Voice produces vocal harmonies based upon your audio input and the pitch of these four-part harmonies can be produced either automatically by the app or triggered via MIDI. And while the app didn’t perhaps compete with the very best that is on … [Read more...]

Music app review – Harmony Voice by VirSyn

As someone with what might best be described as an ‘untrained’ singing voice, I’ve always been a sucker for software that can give the less than confident singer in me a helping hand. On my desktop system, I have therefore used all the mainstream vocal processing products. Aside from those that provide a distinctive sound (effect chains of compression, EQ, delay and reverb, etc.), two sorts of tools stand out here; pitch correction and harmony generation. Both of these sorts of tools have … [Read more...]