iRig Mic Studio review – Compact condenser microphone for iOS, OSX and Windows from IK Multimedia

If you include audio-based sources in your recordings – iOS or otherwise – you are going to need a microphone. There are, of course, plenty of choices in this regard and also a number of different solutions in terms of how you connect a microphone to your iOS hardware. This is a topic I looked at in the iPad Recording Studio series so I won’t repeat too much of that material here. While one solution is just to use a standard studio microphone connected to a dedicated audio interface – and the … [Read more...]

Apogee MiC 96k review – compact condenser mic for iPad musicians

As with skinning a cat (where does that phrase come from?), there is more than one way to approach building a recording setup centred around an iPad. An approach using an audio+MIDI interface (such as the Alesis iODock II or Focusrite iTrack Dock that I reviewed last week) provides plenty of flexibility with 2-in/2-out audio, support for instruments, line-level signals and phantom powered microphones plus some level of MIDI in/out. However, if you are a singer-songwriter type and just need to … [Read more...]

Samson Meteor USB Mic review

Yep, this is going to be a review of the Samson Meteor USB mic, but first, let’s consider just a little bit of context as this helps identify which iOS musicians might find this mic most appealing …. My generation While it is perfectly possible for experienced music technology professionals to identify the current limitations of iOS as a music making platform, for a whole new generation of musicians, their iPhones, iPod Touch or iPad is their first close encounter with hi-tech music creation. … [Read more...]