The Playstation Paradox – Guest post from Bram Bos, developer of Ruismaker, Troublemaker and Ripplemaker

How a software-first approach can be an answer to the iOS hardware rat race - by Bram Bos X marks the spot It feels bad every time I retire a precious hightech gadget; like an iPad, iPhone or laptop. I tend to take good care of expensive things (I have never cracked or even scratched a screen) so usually they still work and look as if they were just unboxed. However, OS updates or the latest music app requirements are constantly nudging me towards an inevitable upgrade to the latest and … [Read more...]

Updates vs upgrades vs new apps – why we need a ‘paid upgrade’ system on the App Store

I posted a full review of Positive Grid's BIAS FX app yesterday on the blog. BIAS FX is - both technically and sonically - very good indeed and Positive Grid have undoubtedly raised the bar again in terms of virtual guitar rigs under iOS... just as they did when BIAS Amps was launched about 18 months ago. However, despite it obviously being a brilliant app and representing excellent value for money at the launch price of UK£22.99, not all iOS musicians have responded in an entirely … [Read more...]