Limiter and Reverb FDN updated – Amazing Noises add AU support to their effects apps

I've reviewed a number of iOS music apps from Amazing Noises here on the Music App Blog including Reverb FDN, Dedalus, DubFilter and Limiter. All of these apps can do 'subtle and/or conventional' if you want them to but you get the impression that that is not really the primary intention - Amazing Noises seem to like their app to be pushed a bit harder than that :-) Two of these - Limiter and Reverb FDN - were updated yesterday with an near identical set of changes. Both have had a few fixes … [Read more...]

ChordPolyPad update – Laurent Colson updates his powerful iOS MIDI performance app

It this week 'update your MIDI performance app' week or something similar? On the same day that I reported on the Chordion update, I find myself also reporting on an update for ChordPolyPad :-) Not that that's a bad thing....  ChordPolyPad, which I did a full review of some time ago, is a very powerful tool. In essence, the app is very simple; you get multiple banks of trigger pads into which you can define any chord you like with full control over how that chord is voiced (the number of … [Read more...]

Waay updated – Ten Kettles add ‘teacher mode’ to their iOS musical education app

Like lots of musicians, I'm primarily self taught. While that has included some music theory (mostly enough to get me into trouble but not enough to get me out again) I'm more than aware of (and often embarrassed by) my own limitations. Thankfully, for musicians of any age or musical persuasion, there is now an abundance of tuition resources available that, if you are prepared to invest a little money - and, more importantly, your study time - can hold your hand as you grapple with whatever … [Read more...]

Chordion update – Olympia Noise Co’s MIDI performance app gets some tweaks including Audiobus 3 support

As most regular Music App Blog readers will be aware, my keyboard skills are not going to win me any prizes. As a consequence, apps like Chordion - by Olympia Noise Co - appeal to me as they provide a viable alternative for touchscreen MIDI performances but without the confines of a traditional (virtual) keyboard. There are a good few apps that fall into this category; Synthecaster, SoundPrism Pro, ChordPolyPad and Gestrument, for example. However, Chordion has always been a personal … [Read more...]

Triqtraq update – Zaplin add Audiobus 3 support to their pocket-sized electronic music app

One of the first apps I reviewed here on the Music App Blog back in mid-2012 was the rather wonderful Triqtraq by Zaplin Music. Not long before looking at triqtraq, I'd also reviewed Propellerhead's Figure. I suspect Figure is an app the almost every long-standing iOS musician has experienced and, what it lacks in sophisticated features, it more than makes up for in the fun it provides. However, if you are a fan of Figure, then I suspect you would also like Triqtraq. While the two apps … [Read more...]

Patterning update – Olympia Noise Co tweak their Ableton Live export in their brilliant iOS drum machine app

As most regular Music App Blog readers will be aware, I'm a bit of a fan of what developer Olympia Noise Co do with their iOS music apps. Chordion, Ondes and dot Melody are well worth checking out. However, as I commented when originally reviewing the app, Ben Kamen and the team at Olympia Noise Co toped the lot with their Patterning: Drum Machine. There are some fabulous iOS drum/groove apps available but Patterning is absolutely one of my favourite iOS music apps whatever category we happen to … [Read more...]

Holderness Media updates – Christopher Rice tweaks all of his IOS effects apps

I've reviewed all of Christopher Rice's Holderness Media iOS music apps here on the blog. Without a doubt, Chris is one of the good guys when it comes to indie developers for iOS musicians and all of his apps offer a brilliant combination of great creative options, ease of use and what are, in music technology terms, pocket-money pricing. So, whether it is EchoPad (creative delay-based effects), Caramel (distortion), Swoopster (a creative flanger/phaser), Crystalline (off-the-wall reverbs), … [Read more...]

iDensity update – apeSoft’s multi-stream granulation app gets AU fine-tuning

As I posted just a few days ago, apeSoft have updated their very left-of-centre sound creation app iDensity to make it available as an AUv.3 plugin within a suitable AU host app (and there are now a good number of these). Developer apeSoft will be familiar to many iOS musicians through their various iOS music apps and their obvious close collaboration with Amazing Noises and their various iOS music apps. Between these two developer names, I’ve reviewed apps such as apeFilter, Sparkle, … [Read more...]

Tiger-lily Tremolo update – iOS tremolo effect app gets AUv3 support

I've no idea where the whole 'flora' theme comes from for developers Timothy Barraclough and Paul Mathews but there series of stripped-down, stompbox ethic, iOS audio effects apps are all very good indeed. I've reviewed all the apps in the series  - Cactus Chorus, Phlox Phaser, Saffron Saturator, Buttercup Bitcrush, Dahlia Delay and Tiger-lily Tremolo - previously here on the blog and, at UK£1.99/US$1.99 each, they are about as an obvious casual purchase as you are likely to find. As I've … [Read more...]