iOS11 delivery day – more ‘stick or twist’ decisions for iOS musicians?

As I'm sure every iOS musician is aware, iOS11 is due to be released later today and, around 6pm UK time (adjust accordingly for your own time zone) it ought to be available to download for any of the iOS hardware that will support the new version. That pretty much means iPhone 5S, iPad Air, or iPod Touch 6th gen. or newer. For general use - whether that's on your iPhone or iPad - there is little reason not to update as iOS11 has some cool new features. The new drag and drop features for … [Read more...]

Mitosynth update – hybrid iOS synth from Wooji Juice Ltd gets ready for iOS11

Wooji Juice's Mitosynth iOS music app has been with us for a few years now. I was very impressed with the app when I reviewed it just after it was released. Mitosynth looked great, sounded great (especially if you are into sound design and sound textures) and played nicely with other iOS music apps via Audiobus. It also provides a novel set of sound design tools that, while easy to use, provide a tremendous amount of flexibility for the keen programmer. It might not be my recommendation as a … [Read more...]

Midiflow apps updated – Audiobus 3 MIDI utility apps from Johannes Doerr get iOS11 support

One of the key new features included within Audiobus 3 was MIDI routing; as with the audio routing options that Audiobus originally made its name with, the new version also allows you to route MIDI data between sources and destinations. This is a cool new feature and I'm sure is helping a lot of iOS musicians to make a little bit more sense of these 'virtual' MIDI connections. However, launched at the same time was a suite of MIDI utility apps from developer Johannes Doerr. Johannes is the … [Read more...]

Mood updated – apeSoft refine their analog-style iOS AU synth

Unless you are very new to the world of iOS music apps, the odds are you already have a collection of synth apps that is more than sufficient for your needs (yep, me too). Unfortunately, for us self-confessed app addicts, developers are still keen to put temptation in front of us....  and the most recent offering from apeSoft - Mood, which was launched back in June - has just had its first significant update with v.1.1 arriving on the App Store yesterday. I've given quite a bit of coverage to … [Read more...]

Animoog update – Moog Music’s classic synth gets tweaks for Audiobus 3

We are blessed with some wonderful iOS synths apps....  and while iOS music apps have only been with us for a few years, I think there are still a number of candidates that still deserve to be given a 'classic' status. One of those is undoubtedly Moog Music's Animoog. This iOS synth is available in both iPad (UK£28.99/US$29.99) and a streamlined iPhone version (UK£5.99/US$5.99) and, as a 55MB download, would find a home on even the most highly stuffed of iOS devices. Moog have done a great … [Read more...]

BeatHawk goes free – UVI offer their flagship iOS music app free for a limited time only

I posted a full review of UVI's BeatHawk iOS music app here on the blog when it was first released and  I was hugely impressed with the app. I was even more impressed when UVI took the app to v.2.0 back in March and added a whole range of new features and refinements. This included iPhone support, a piano roll MIDI editor, Ableton Link and support for the app to work as an AU plugin. Yes, there are drum/groove box apps that perhaps pack in more features than BeatHawk does but I actually think … [Read more...]

SongSheet update – Ghostdust’s popular song cataloguing app moves to v.3.0

There are lots of ways of keeping track of your song charts whether those are all the covers you play in your gigging band or your own songs. However, if you want a convenient, and gig-friendly, digital format, then the is an app for that; SongSheet. I've reviewed SongSheet by developer Ghostdust previously on the blog so if you have not checked out the app  then do take a read. SongSheet is, however, more than just a cataloging app; it is also a very useful notepad system for songwriters as a … [Read more...]

Navichord update – further refinements added to the excellent iOS chord sequencer/MIDI controller

I reviewed Navichord here on the Music App Blog back in September 2014. The original release was designed to do one job – it allowed the user to explore chord structures and progressions and possible melodic association – but the design is so simple and elegant that, even though it was (at that stage) more of an educational tool or idea pad, rather than an actual musical instrument, it is a pleasure to use. The first major update - taking the app to v.1.1 - turned the app into a 'MIDI … [Read more...]

MultitrackStudio for iPad update – Giel Bremmers iOS recording app gets some tweaks

As I posted back in September last year, MultitrackStudio for iPad by Giel Bremmers was the first iOS DAW/sequencer app to get support for hosting Apple's new Audio Unit (AU) plugin format for iOS. And, while MultitrackStudio perhaps doesn't have the profile of the likes of GarageBand, Auria Pro or Cubasis, it is a very solid and well-featured audio+MIDI recoding package and it was great to see Giel being so quick off the mark to support the new plugin format. Anyway, AU - both in terms of … [Read more...]