Cubasis giveaway – 5 copies of Steinberg’s brilliant Cubasis to be won

OK, I know....   it's been pretty quiet around here for quite a while as a consequence of me spending more time on music production and less time on blog production....  However, as long-standing readers here will know, I'm a bit of a Cubasis fan and, as the kind folks at Steinberg have offered me a few copies to giveaway, it would be a bit of a shame not to take them up on the offer.... Cubasis offers a slick interface and a well focused feature set that lets you get on with the core tasks … [Read more...]

Cubasis update – Steinberg makes Waves and bring a 50% sale with their brilliant iOS DAW/sequencer

While the blog might currently be in 'pop up' mode, as regular readers here will know, my personal iOS DAW/sequencer of choice is Steinberg's Cubasis, so I'm bound to be interested when Steinberg offer us something new..... hence the post today :-) Cubasis is undoubtedly a great app - and I think Steinberg have got the balance of features (just about) right for the iOS platform - but as I'm also a Cubase user on the desktop, Cubasis is a very obvious choice for me. As iOS hardware has … [Read more...]

BeatHawk update – UVI brings some fine-tuning to their flagship iOS music app

I posted a full review of UVI's BeatHawk iOS music app here on the blog when it was first released and  I was hugely impressed with the app. I was even more impressed when UVI took the app to v.2.0 back in March and added a whole range of new features and refinements. This included iPhone support, a piano roll MIDI editor, Ableton Link and support for the app to work as an AU plugin. Yes, there are drum/groove box apps that perhaps pack in more features than BeatHawk does but I actually think … [Read more...]

Audiobus 3 updated – Audiobus gets AUv3 fine-tuning

I posted a full review of Audiobus 3 when it was released at the beginning of April. As promised by the Audiobus team, the new version had three new headline features. First, the app provides MIDI routing between compatible apps, making it easier to configure your overall arrangement of apps within a specific Audiobus project. Second, Audiobus 3 supports Audio Unit plugins as well as Audiobus and IAA compatible apps. This is obviously an important development given that AU is now making … [Read more...]

Cyclop updated – Sugar Bytes bring technical tweaks to their mono synth app

When my more experiment side wants a shot at music creation, Sugar Bytes software is often where I end up. I'm fortunate enough to own some of their desktop-based instruments and effects but I think I've also got a full set of the various ports of these over to iOS. As I mentioned earlier this week with Korg, some iOS developers prefer to keep their updates few and far between (perhaps because they tend to have more comprehensive pre-release technical testing?). Sugar Bytes are in that group … [Read more...]

Patterning update – Olympia Noise Co fine-tune their brilliant iOS drum machine app

As most regular Music App Blog readers will be aware, I'm a bit of a fan of what developer Olympia Noise Co do with their iOS music apps. Chordion, Ondes and dot Melody are well worth checking out. However, as I commented when originally reviewing the app, Ben Kamen and the team at Olympia Noise Co topped the lot with their Patterning: Drum Machine. There are some fabulous iOS drum/groove apps available but Patterning is absolutely one of my favourite iOS music apps whatever category we happen … [Read more...]

ThumbJam update – Sonosaurus bring their classic iOS music app up to date

There are a few iOS music apps that have a sort of 'classic' status and ThumbJam - by developer Sonosaurus - is most definitely one of them. If you are a newbie iOS musician - or maybe just never got around to giving the app a try - then you really should give it a go :-) Perhaps the thing that makes the app stand out from the iOS music app crowd is the rather wonderful way in which the playing interface has been implemented and, while the app is still a little quirky in some respects, the … [Read more...]

Navichord update – excellent iOS chord sequencer/MIDI controller gets song mode

I reviewed Navichord here on the Music App Blog back in September 2014. The original release was designed to do one job – it allowed the user to explore chord structures and progressions and possible melodic association – but a whole slew of updates since then have turned the app into a really good MIDI performance tool. The app has also kept up technically with new features including a chord pad system, chord presets, new internal sounds, a metronome, a sequencer for use with the chord pads, … [Read more...]

ChordPolyPad update – Laurent Colson updates his powerful iOS MIDI performance app for iOS11

Virtual MIDI keyboards on a touchscreen are not to everyone's taste....  and, if your actual keyboard skills are a bit on the shaky side (like mine), then a MIDI performance app of some sort can be a very helpful alternative.... And, in that context, ChordPolyPad, which I did a full review of some time ago, is a very powerful tool. In essence, the app is very simple; you get multiple banks of trigger pads into which you can define any chord you like with full control over how that chord is … [Read more...]