Drum Session updated – Derek Buddemeyer and Blue Mangoo take their iOS drum app universal

We are blessed with some excellent iOS drum app whether you want to create acoustic drum parts of rock/pop/indie styles or electronic drums for more.. well...  And, if it's acoustic drums that sound like they are being played by a real human drummer, then we got a new fairly contender recently; Drum Session. The app is a collaboration between well-known iOS musician Derek Buddemeyer and the Blue Mangoo team (of iFretless fame) and, while not an EZ Drummer clone, it certainly has the ubiquitous … [Read more...]

zMors Modular update – modular iOS synth goes universal

Regular readers might recall that I reviewed Sven Braun's zMors Modular (currently UK£9.99/US$9.99) some time ago here on the blog. Sven is also the developer behind the rather cool zMors Synth (also UK£9.99) that I've reviewed in the past here on the Music App Blog; a somewhat quirky and retro synth but with a well-thought out interface is easy to use even for newbie synth programmers. I'm not sure the same can be said of zMors Modular (or, indeed, any modular synth) as it is really a DIY … [Read more...]