Touch-screen Revolution – or why music apps will change the way you create music using your project studio DAW

The mobile device has bought the freedom to make music almost anywhere. Whether it’s iOS or Android or smartphone or tablet, music apps can let you indulge your music-making habit - on the bus, on the train or on the beach – the choice is yours. And while, as yet, the software available for musicians on these mobile platforms can not match that available for the desktop/laptop format in terms of the power and total features, they are still pretty amazing – GarageBand, NanoStudio, AmpKit+, djay, … [Read more...]

V-Control Pro – music app review

Neyrinck’s V-Control Pro music app is an iPad-based multi-touch controller interface for all the major DAWs including Cubase, Logic, Pro Tools, Reason, Reaper, Digital Performer and Sonar (plus a few others). As most serious DAW users will undoubtedly be aware, a mouse and computer keyboard are not always the most intuitive or efficient means to control a complex piece of software such as a DAW. Yes, it can be done but, if you spend large chunks of your time working with this sort of tool, then … [Read more...]