Starter for 10 – an iOS AU synth app selection to plug(in) a hole

I posted a bit of a discussion piece this week looking at the status of between-app connectivity for iOS music makers. My broad conclusion (hope?), while I’m sure not original in any form, is that I think the Audio Units plugin format under iOS has the potential to do what a combination of VST, AU and a couple of other formats, have done of the desktop. Workflows will, therefore, become based around a suitable AU host (a DAW/sequencer or a software-based audio mixer) and a collection of AU … [Read more...]

Figure music app gets aboard the Audiobus

If you read my original review of Propelerhead’s Figure music app you will know that I’m a bit of a fan. It’s not that the app is a fully featured music production system – it’s far from it in fact – but it was one of the best examples of an app designer thinking outside the box in terms of the playing interface. In short, Propellerhead made brilliant use of the touchscreen to provide an instrument that a novice musician could coax a dance tune out of and a more serious musician could dig into. … [Read more...]

Music app review – Figure by Propellerheads

If you are into the creation of synth-based dance music the odds are that, at some stage, you will have explored Propellerheads Reason software on the Mac or PC. Reason features some fabulous software synths, samplers, drum machines and effects so it has always been an excellent environment for electronic music producers. In the last couple of years, Propellerheads have added audio recording (initially via their Record software and now embedded directly within Reason itself) so Reason now … [Read more...]