Auria Pro SALE – WaveMachine Labs iOS mega-DAW 50% off for limited time

So, summer is coming (well, here in the northern hemisphere at least) and that means lots of businesses (and some iOS music app developers included) are taking things a touch easier for a while as they peek out from their darkened programming suites and catch up on some vitamin D. However, while things might be a bit slower in terms of new apps or app updates, that doesn't mean our favourite iOS music app developers don't have something to tempt us....  and summer sales are a good way to go … [Read more...]

Igor Vasiliev SALE – all Igor’s iOS music apps on limited-time sale

Regular readers here will be very familiar with indie developer Igor Vasiliev and his excellent range of iOS music apps. These include Master Record, Audio Mastering, AltiSpace and Master FX, all of which I have reviewed previously here on the blog. Igor has also released the interesting, excellent, and just a bit mad, SoundScaper and FieldScaper apps - two sound design toolkits in an app format - and that more experimental iOS music makers (oh, and sound designers!) have been having a lot of … [Read more...]

iMaschine 2 ON SALE – Native Instruments offer their IOS groove production app at 50% off

Native Instruments make the truly wonderful (also powerful, widely supported by 3rd party sample library developers and not cheap) Kontakt software sampler for desktop music production systems. Kontakt is probably my most used sampler/virtual instrument and it will be used somewhere in almost every desktop production I write. I'm therefore a big NI software fan....  but have yet to give into the temptation of their hardware....  The hardware range includes Maschine which is a top-notch … [Read more...]

fluXpad sale – MoMinstruments left-field take on a sample-based sequencer on 50% SALE

I posted a review of WretchUp from the Mouse On Mars development some time ago on the blog. WretchUp is most certainly a bit of a wild ride as an audio processor but, if you like to mangle audio in all sorts of unpredictable ways, and particularly if you like to do that in a performance context, then this is an app that might well appeal. The MoMinstruments team includes Oliver Greschke (of Elastic Drums fame) but, given WretchUp's pedigree, I think we should expect anything under the MoM … [Read more...]

Elastic Drums ON SALE – Oliver Greschke’s brilliant iOS drum app at a bargain price

If you are a regular visitor to the Music App Blog you might well be familiar with Elastic Drums from developer Oliver Greschke and Mouse On Mars. The app was great on first launch but Oliver has released a steady stream of very useful updates since then bringing improved IAA and Audiobus support plus a number of other new features, including, universal status, Ableton Link support and a new sampler playback engine. Audiobus 3 support is also now included. Anyway, if you have not yet … [Read more...]

Sugar Bytes SALE – Easter savings on all Sugar Bytes brilliant iOS music apps

I don't know about you, but I'm a huge fan of the iOS apps produced by Sugar Bytes and I've reviewed, Thesys, Turnado, Effectrix, Egoist, WOW Filterbox and Cyclop on the blog in the past. These are all brilliant and I use all of them on a regular basis (as well as the desktop versions of Turnado and Thesys). Sugar Bytes are currently having a sale on all their iOS music apps. For the next few days to celebrate Easter/spring, all of their brilliant iOS music apps are up discounted with savings … [Read more...]

Mapping Tonal Harmony Pro SALE – sophisticated musical theory aid 50% off today only

I've looked at a good number of iOS music apps that could broadly fall into the 'utility' category here on the Music App Blog. These might not have the instant 'buy me!' appeal of some of the more glamorous synths, drum machine or guitar rig modellers but, in their own way, they are just as much an integral part of what makes iOS such a great - and versatile -platform for musicians. A number of these utility apps are educational in nature. For example, I've looked at a few different vocal … [Read more...]

AltiSpace update – new presets and other tweaks added to iOS convolution reverb

The App Store is blessed with a few pretty good reverb apps and many are capable of producing results that are far superior to what their respective the price tags suggest ought to be possible. One of these is most certainly Igor Vasiliev amazing convolution-based reverb AltiSpace. That we have convolution reverbs under iOS is impressive enough....  when they are priced at just UK£6.99/US$6.99, it is.... well, close on unbelievable if you have hung around computer-based music technology for … [Read more...]

fluXpad and Elastic Drums giveaway results – 5 winners of the two apps

I posted news items on both fluxPad and Elastic Drums a week or so ago. The former has had a nice new update while the latter had an IAP drum sample sale going on. Both apps have plenty of offer to the iOS music maker with an interest in electronic music styles. You can perhaps best describe fluXpad as a sample-based sequencer but where you 'draw' your pattern sequences for each sound. Multiple patterns (clips?) can be sequenced within a single project and these then triggered to create a … [Read more...]