Roadtrip time… part quatre (the last few kms)

If you have been hanging around the Music App Blog for any length of time then you will have seen my occasional ‘road trip’ posts over the last nine months. To keep a fairly long story short (which makes a change for me), myself, my wife and our two kids have, over the last year of so, been in the process of relocating from the UK (lovely, but, where we were living on the east coast of Scotland, prone to long winters, cold temperatures and strong winds) to SW France (prone to long summers, … [Read more...]

Roadtrip time… part trois (and this time one-way)

Well, my own personal D-day (that’s ‘departure day from the UK’ by the way) has finally arrived and, as I’ve mentioned in a couple of posts on the blog (here and here) in recent months, myself, my wife and our two kids (oh, and my wife’s parents) are relocating to somewhere a little warmer than the northern half of the UK. So, by the time you read this, we will already be in a car heading south and the contents of the house will be in a big truck (hopefully also heading south). We do, of course, … [Read more...]