Guitarism updated – rhism adds an electric option in v.3.2

While the guitar is my main musical instrument (that is, I can actually get a tune out of it without feeling too embarrassed by my incompetence), I'm still very interested in the efforts of software developers to turn it into a playable virtual instrument. In terms of those efforts under iOS, my favourite 'playable' app for quite some time has been Guitarism by rhism. I reviewed Guitarism some time ago and the basic principle of how the app is played hasn't really changed too much since then … [Read more...]

Guitarism by rhism – music app review

While I play a number of instruments ‘a bit’ (piano, drums, bass, tin whistle, etc.) the only one I’d not be totally embarrassed to actually stick on my CV would be guitar, upon which, on a good day, I can get up a half-decent head of steam. Which means, of course, that while I’m also a bit of a sucker for virtual guitar instruments as music apps that can be played on my iPhone or iPad, for the app to crank my handle (as a guitar player), it has to be able to offer me something useful over and … [Read more...]