iConvolver review – compact convolution reverb app for iOS from ART Teknika

There is a nice discussion (Friday night argument over a beer or three) to be had about the ‘most important processors’ required when it comes to the mixing stage of a project. In terms of getting your basic mix together, with each element of the performance balanced, it is difficult to look beyond EQ and dynamics control (compression, limiting, etc.). However, there is a good case for ‘ambience’ or ‘spatial’ placement being next in the pecking order and a core part of that may well revolve … [Read more...]

AudioReverb update and on sale – VirSyn update their iOS reverb effects app

If you have a mobile recording setup build around an iPad then you are probably already aware of VirSyn's excellent iOS reverb effect app AudioReverb. I reviewed AudioReverb when it was originally released. It provides an excellent range of reverb treatments and, at UK£6.99, is very modestly priced considering the results that can be obtained. The app originally shipped with an excellent range of reverb presets organised into different virtual spaces - halls, rooms, chambers, etc. - that make … [Read more...]

AUFX:Space music app review – dedicated reverb app for iOS

The AUFX:Space music app is the first dedicated iOS reverb effect app I've reviewed for the blog. Produced by Kymatica, it is the first of a series of effects apps that are in development. While reverb and delay effects are built into many iOS music apps (DAWs, synths, guitar amp sims, etc.), as AUFX:Space's reason for being is reverb, it's perhaps worth considering some basics of effects like reverb and delay to set the review - which I'll come to asap below - into a broader context....  but … [Read more...]