Looperverse launched – Retronyms deliver well-specified iOS looper and optional footswitch hardware

Retronyms are a well known brand within the iOS music technology world. I think it's probably fair to say that they have had some successes - AudioCopy, for example - but also some (potentially good) ideas that, for one reason to another, have not quite worked out or found a big enough audience to really thrive. However, their latest offering - Looperverse - which appeared on the App Store for the first time yesterday, is already attracting quite a lot of attention. As the name (and be … [Read more...]

AudioCopy updated – Retronyms bring iOS9 support to their iOS music utility app

iOS music app developer Retronyms have a number of apps on the App Store but perhaps the most widely used is AudioCopy. This utility app - which allows you to move audio between different iOS music apps that support the AudioCopy protocol - is something that some iOS musicians make a lot of use of, particularly those that like to create their own samples and perhaps move them between different apps to experiment with. Given that iOS lacks a sort of 'common' file system, a utility like AudioCopy … [Read more...]

AudioCopy Content Store launched – Loopmasters and Retronyms create an iOS-friendly sample library portal

In the world of desktop music technology, sample libraries - whether it's sample-based virtual instruments or loop libraries - is big business. Lot's of musicians and music producers lean very heavily on these sorts of products in their music making and there are all sorts of online shops/outlets where you can visit, browse for the sample library you are interested in and then pay for and download what you require. You can, of course, then move these samples from your desktop system onto your … [Read more...]

Phase84 launched – new iOS synth app from Retronyms

You can, of course, have too many iOS synth apps... I do myself and, while I have a 'go to' collection of five or six iOS synths that I use most of the time, there is also a much bigger collection of others that are perhaps just for occasional use (or, in some cases, don't really get used at all). So do I need another iOS synth....? Well, no, I don't...  but that doesn't stop me looking at all the new releases to see if I can find a home for something shiny and new that might become part of … [Read more...]

iMPC Pro update – Retronyms/Akai app also at intro pricing

The Retronyms/Akai iOS music app collaboration iMPC Pro received an update at the end of last week taking the app to v.1.1. This was mostly minor fixes but it did include some improvements to the Inter App Audio support and, usefully, the ability to delete samples. iMPC Pro was been around for a few weeks now but I have not, as yet, had a chance to dig deeply enough into the app to write up a review (I'll put that right as soon as I can). However, Doug over at thesoundtestroom has posted a … [Read more...]