Ferrite review – Wooji Juice do multi-track audio with a difference

Regular iOS musicians will be familiar with development team Wooji Juice through a number of iOS music apps including the excellent Mitosynth which I reviewed here on the blog about 18 months ago. Back in November, Wooji Juice released a new app – Ferrite – and, in the spirit of trying to shorten my personal ‘catch up’ list of apps I need to review, I thought it was about time I got around to seeing what the attraction (doh!) of Ferrite might be. In terms of what it is…. well, Ferrite is an … [Read more...]

NanoStudio music app – v1.40 update adds Audiobus support

For those of you who embraced the wonderful world of iOS music making in its early days, the NanoStudio music app is something you may well have a particular soft spot for. As one of the first really useable music composition tools – combining synths and drum samples into a track-based composition/recording environment – it was something of a revelation when it first appeared and one of the original apps to demonstrate just what iOS music making might be capable of. I reviewed NanoStudio on … [Read more...]