QuantumSequencer updated – new MIDI sequencer from Tony Saunders gets its first tweaks

As I noted a few days ago, QuantumSequencer (from developer Tony Saunders, who bought us midiSequencer some time ago) is now available on the App Store.   If you are familiar with midiSequencer then you will soon see the heritage of QuantumSequencer...  and, I suspect, know very quickly whether the new app might be something that will appeal. QuantumSequencer is obviously build on the underlying principles of midiSequencer but, as well as some considerably work under the hood, it … [Read more...]

QuantumSequencer launched – new MIDI sequencer from Tony Saunders

Those of you who have been around the iOS music making block a few times will most likely be familiar with the app midiSequencer from developer Tony Saunders. I did a review of that app back in early 2014. Styled on the analog sequencers of old, midiSequencer provides a step-based sequencing environment, with 16-steps where you can adjust pitch, velocity, gate, MIDI channel and a couple of MIDI parameters over the 16 steps, all using some very retro-looking virtual faders. You also get tempo … [Read more...]