The iOS music technology industry – and being not quite mainstream

This is a slightly different article to the usual news, reviews and tutorials I generally provide on the Music App Blog and perhaps more of a discussion piece. It’s prompted by a combination of three separate news-type stories got me thinking this week and pondering the current status of iOS (or maybe that should be lack of it?) as a platform for musicians and, if you make it to the end (!) then I'd be interested in your views.... Small is beautiful? Those of us who have used the iOS … [Read more...]

Music App Blog article – The Ideal iPad Audio Interface?

There is no doubting the potential of the iPad as platform for musicians, whether it is simply for music app utilities (e.g. Guitar Toolkit, V-Control Pro) or as a sound source (synths such Animoog or iMS-20 or guitar amp sims such as AmpliTube or AmpKit+). Equally, if you are happy with synths and sampled sounds, apps such as NanoStudio, SynthStation or iElectribe demonstrate it can also be a brilliant compositional and music production tool. However, if you want to get into full musical … [Read more...]

Music app review – SoundHound by SoundHound Inc

If you are of a certain age, it probably doesn’t matter where in the world you live, because if I say ‘Name That Tune’ you will probably know what I’m talking about – a TV quiz-style format where, in one form or another, contestants battled it out to identify popular musical tunes based on the smallest number of notes from the melody. Some of the contestants were brilliant, regularly identifying tunes based upon just three or four notes. Of course, we all know how frustrating it is to hear a … [Read more...]

Music App Blog news – Mobile Keys by Line 6

Line 6 have announced a new pair of MIDI keyboards that should be of interest to those making music on an iPhone, iPod or iPad - or indeed, if you also use a PC or Mac - as the Mobile Key 25 and Mobile Keys 49 both have connectivity options that allows you to use them with all these platforms. As the names suggest, the two keyboards feature 25 and 49 keys respectively and these are both full size and velocity sensitive. Both also feature pitch and mod wheels plus volume and pan knobs and buttons … [Read more...]

Sound On Sound magazine app

If you are a regular reader of this blog then I suspect you have a wider interest in music technology. If so, then you really ought to be reading Sound On Sound magazine (O.K., hands up, I have a vested interest here as I do, on occasion, write for SOS) which covers all aspects of music technology, the recording process and includes equipment and software reviews, workshop articles and interviews with some of the big names in the recording world. The magazine has recently launched its own iPad … [Read more...]

Music App Blog review – SynthStation25 for iPod/iPhone by Akai

If you like using music apps to make music on your iPhone or iPod Touch, Akai’s SynthStation25 might well appeal. With a built-in docking port for the iPhone/iPod Touch, it provides a 25-note keyboard (based upon mini-keys) that is velocity sensitive and included pitch and mod wheels. A set of eight rubber buttons complete the top-panel and these can be used to navigate to particular functions in compatible software on your ‘i’ device. The keyboard is powered via 4 AAA batteries or a mains power … [Read more...]

Top Ten Music Apps

If you are new to the world of music apps for your mobile device, and bewildered by the choices offered by the App Store or Market Place, where should you start? Well, this is obviously a personal list, and the coming months will obviously bring a whole slew of alternative music apps to tempt us, but here is what would be my current ‘starter for ten’ – a top ten list of the music apps that I have on my own iPhone/iPad. I intend to look at all of these in more detail in later posts but, for now, … [Read more...]

Mobile Revolution

The recording of music has always been a process associated with cutting edge technology - whether that was the first ever sound recording, the development of multi-track tape-based recording and through to the latest, computer-based digital audio workstations (DAWs) which can cram as much recording technology into ones and zeros as would have been found in many a multi-million pound 'real' studios only 10 or so years ago. And while there are also sorts of perfectly valid reasons why it is still … [Read more...]