Less is more; part 6 – a compact ‘AU-only’ iOS music app collection for music production

When I did my usual crystal ball gazing and ‘wish listing’ post to mark the end of 2016 and the start of 2017, I speculated – and hoped – that this year might (finally) see the Audio Units plugin format make a real impact under iOS. This wasn’t a risky prediction, nor an unusual wish, as I’m sure lots of iOS music makers would have shared both thoughts. Indeed, many would also comment ‘about time’ considering AU was first introduced by Apple in iOS9 and we are only a few months away from seeing … [Read more...]

Less is more; part 5 – a compact iOS music app collection for music production

Starting around May of last year, I posted a short series of articles built around the concept of 'less is more'. The underlying idea here was not a new one but, if you are the kind of person who gets easily distracted by the geeky side of music technology and, as a consequence, sometimes finds it difficult to actually produce any music (which is kind of the point of owning the technology in the first place), then perhaps those articles will have resonated? Partly because I'm one of those … [Read more...]

iOS music production; how’s your workflow?

As many regular visitors to the Music App Blog will already know, I’ve been running an email newsletter for a few months now. For subscribers, this serves a number of purposes (for example, a ‘news’ summary every week and guaranteed entry into all the app giveaways). However, I also get a huge benefit from it as I will regularly throw in a question or two. The responses I then get can be both interesting and helpful in terms of steering some content for the blog. One area I’ve asked about on … [Read more...]