SongSheet for iPhone – Ghostdust bring an iPhone version of their song and setlist manager app

Whether you are a songwriter, or a musician who plays in a gigging band doing lots of functions (weddings, parties, etc.) and have to have access to a wide repertoire of songs to suit the occasion (or requests from the floor), trying to keep all those songs – and all those chord charts – in your head is an accident waiting to happen. Most of us resort to a notebook or binder/folder of some sort. This is safe... well, safe-ish until you leave it somewhere. The alternative is to use a computer; … [Read more...]

How to make a music app – Greg Cerveny’s video lecture provides some cool insights into the process

A long time ago, I used to earn part of a crust as a programmer. Career paths doing what they do, a somewhat random job opportunity took me down a different route and, while I've always been a bit of a tech geek and worked in computer-related jobs since then, my coding days are long gone.... However, I must admit that the whole App Store experience has, at times, awakened some of those coding urges. Thankfully - for both my sanity and workload (I have enough jobs already) - I've resisted all … [Read more...]

InTune update – Wittenberg University revamp their pitch sensitivity test app

I first reviewed InTune – produced by a team within the Music Department at Wittenberg University – a couple of years ago. The app provides the user with a test of their ability to distinguish between the pitch of two tones. The aim of the app is that, with practice, you will begin to improve your ability to hear intonation differences and this, in turn, will bring benefits to your all-round music skills (for example, in spotting instrument tuning issues). Using the app is simplicity itself. … [Read more...]

Updates vs upgrades vs new apps – why we need a ‘paid upgrade’ system on the App Store

I posted a full review of Positive Grid's BIAS FX app yesterday on the blog. BIAS FX is - both technically and sonically - very good indeed and Positive Grid have undoubtedly raised the bar again in terms of virtual guitar rigs under iOS... just as they did when BIAS Amps was launched about 18 months ago. However, despite it obviously being a brilliant app and representing excellent value for money at the launch price of UK£22.99, not all iOS musicians have responded in an entirely … [Read more...]

iOS music technology – the good, the bad and navigating the ugly

A few weeks ago, having dusted off my crystal ball, and made an early start on my Christmas List for 2015, I put up a post about some personal ‘this would be nice…’ items/topics/issues I thought it would be interesting/fun/desirable to see come to pass over the next year. I got some interesting feedback from some readers, both via the comments on the post and via email. That, and a few other iOS music-related things I’ve read in the last week or so (stuff on some of the popular forums) and … [Read more...]

Master the muse – building an ‘ever-ready’ music app toolkit for your iPhone

If you subscribe to the Music App Blog email newsletter you might recall that a couple of weeks ago I asked subscribers to let me know what they thought was the biggest bottleneck to their iOS music creativity. I got a whole raft of different answers but there were two themes that cropped up above all the others as causes of productivity blocks. First, several readers suggested their key issue was being able to capture an idea quickly before the tiny spark of inspiration slipped away. … [Read more...]

Seventh heaven? – iOS7 updates all round

With iOS7 just a few days away, music app developers have been releasing a whole raft of updates that, as well as the usual bug fixes, minor tweaks and the occasional new feature, often have 'iOS7 compatibility' mentioned somewhere in the update release notes. There have been quite a number of music app updates over the last couple of weeks including Apple's own Garageband for iPad. And, for example, today (Friday 13th - ouch!) sees updates for Audiobus, AudioShare, inTuna Strobe Guitar … [Read more...]

Cubasis on sale – Steinberg apps on sale and update news

Steinberg currently have all their iOS apps on sale to coincide with the IFA trade show in Berlin. The headline is, of course, Cubasis for iPad and this has 1/3 off the normal price. If you were thinking of buying into the Cubasis DAW, the offer ends of the 11th of September, so do it now :-) Steinberg's other two iOS apps are, however, also currently reduced in price. The excellent Cubase iC Pro is also 1/3 off the regular price. I use this app all the time to control Cubase 7 on my desktop … [Read more...]

iOS music podcasts – new episodes to check out

I don't know about you but I'm a big podcast fan. The format is great for listening when out and about, in the car, doing some exercise or just at my desk and I want something tailored to my interests to keep me entertained and informed. If you are an established iOS music making fan, or just finding your feet with the whole iOS music world, then you really should check out both the Touch Music Podcast and the iOS Music & You Podcast. Both have new episodes online. The Touch Music … [Read more...]