Arctic ProSynth music app review – aggressive iOS synth app from One Red Dog Media

As a developer, One Red Dog Media have been involved with iOS music apps for quite some time. The original Arctic Keys, for example, was first released in September 2011 and their Molten drum machine app goes back even further to October 2010. The latest release is the Arctic ProSynth music app – priced at UK£6.99 – and, as the name suggests, represents something of a step up in terms of features and capabilities from the original Arctic Keys. One Red Dog describe Arctic ProSynth as a modern … [Read more...]

Groove Bank music app review – Drums On Demand release their pocket session drummer app

If you have any experience of using drum loops on a desktop-based music production system, then the odds are you will be familiar with Drums On Demand. The company have built an excellent reputation for their drum loop libraries and were one of the first companies to start releasing drum loops in a multitrack format – separate loops from each drum mic – rather than just a stereo mix. This multitrack format allowed you to balance the kit to your own taste. Having used a couple of these libraries … [Read more...]