AC Sabre review – interesting MIDI instrument and motion controller for iOS from Air Craft

One of the things I love about iOS is that it has made accessible a number of interesting, creative and unique means by which an instrument can be ‘played’. And while there are undoubtedly elements of the iOS music making experience that do not yet compete with what’s possible on a desktop system, when it comes to delivering unconventional and novel ways to generate MIDI data, iOS has most certainly bought something new to the party. This has come in a variety of ways and I did a roundup … [Read more...]

iRing announced – motion controller for iOS from IK Multimedia

I must admit that I nearly choked on my coffee when I opened the email press release from IK Multimedia and saw it referred to an 'iRing' (April 1st?...  err...  no) but, once I'd recovered from my juvenile response, I have to admit that I was quite intrigued. This rather simple-looking - and relatively inexpensive (c. UK£25) - device looks like it could bring a whole lot of fun for musicians. The simple design makes use of your iOS device's front camera to track the three markers on the … [Read more...]