MIDI Guitar updated – v.2 of audio-to-MIDI conversion app from Jam Origin arrives

I lamented the lot of the MIDI-hungry guitar player some time ago when reviewing the YouRock Guitar.  In short, however, there are a number of technologies that attempt to provide guitarists with a means of getting MIDI data from their guitar playing skills but, even after 25+ years of trying, none of these technologies has really fully cracked the problem. Three main approaches can be identified; the MIDI pickup, fretboard based note triggers and audio-to-MIDI conversion. Roland’s GK-3 … [Read more...]

MIDI Guitar review – audio-to-MIDI conversion app from Jam Origin

I posted a review of the YouRock Guitar MIDI controller for guitar players earlier this week and, having got myself on a MIDI guitar roll, thought I’d follow that up by taking a look at one of the leading audio-to-MIDI convertor apps as a comparison. Jam Origin’s app – simply called MIDI Guitar – has been around on the App Store for some time and, in a nutshell, takes an audio signal, identifies the pitch, and then outputs a MIDI note of the same pitch. However, to coincide with the release … [Read more...]

YouRock Guitar review – MIDI controller for guitarists

I’m a guitar player who is totally hooked on music technology. However, I have what might be called ‘basic’ keyboard skills, so I’ve always been keen to explore the possibilities offered by alternative MIDI controllers. Over the years, I’ve tried a number of different technologies that attempt to translate my guitar playing into MIDI data. I won’t be alone in this but I have to say that, on the whole, the experience has generally been a frustrating one with something of a Groundhog Day feel; … [Read more...]

Jamstik – new MIDI guitar controller from Zivix

Many thanks to email subscriber Stuart A Hall for pointing this device out to me as I had not seen this before. If you are a guitar player who gets frustrated with your keyboard abilities (yep, my own keyboard playing mostly sucks), then you may have already dipped into the sometimes murky world of MIDI guitar. On the desktop, I've used a number of different MIDI guitar systems and I currently have a Roland GK-3 pickup system strapped to a spare guitar. This works pretty well but does require … [Read more...]

MIDImorphosis music app review – audio to MIDI conversion from Secret Base Design

As an almost competent guitar player but a woefully inadequate keyboard player, I’ve always been interested in MIDI guitar technology. I’ve tried all sorts of systems and currently have Roland GK3 pickup fitted to a spare guitar that - without spending mega bucks – is perhaps the current state of the art. It does a decent job; not perfect and it requires some playing compromises, but a heck of a lot easier for my guitar-shaped fingers than endless piano practice :-) Over recent years, us … [Read more...]

G2M guitar-to-MIDI converter by Sonuus – music app review

As a guitar player whose keyboard skills could perhaps best be described as ‘passable’, I’ve always been a keen follower of MIDI guitar technology hoping that, at some stage, I could fully exploit my half-decent guitar skills to create MIDI parts in my DAW. However, as anyone who has dabbled with MIDI guitar controllers will generally agree, the technology has never quite delivered on its promise and, in one regard or another, has tended to involve some compromise on behalf of the player – you … [Read more...]