Smart Click update – free metronome app from Steinberg gets iOS11 support

A 'utility app' group that is well stocked on the App Store is that of the metronome app. The humble metronome is an under-appreciated tool and, if you are serious about your musical instrument skills, some time spent practicing against a metronome can do wonders for the tightness of your playing, whether that's drums, guitar or any other instrument. As with tuners, there are some decent free metronome apps and also some very good low cost options...  but if you are looking for an option on … [Read more...]

Smart Click review – free metronome app from Steinberg

As I mentioned last week when putting up a short review of the new BOSS Tuner app, the App Store features lots (lots and lots) of different tuner applications for musicians. OK, so some of them might be aimed at specific musical instruments but, for most folks, a selection of one or two such apps is probably plenty....   and, as the new BOSS Tuner is a freebie, for guitar players in particular, it would be a decent place to start :-) Another 'utility app' group that is also well stocked on … [Read more...]

TempoTeacher review – iOS music app tempo practice tool from BirdSound

Not all iOS music apps have to fall into the wizz-bang ‘make some sound’ category; there are also some excellent utility (for example, Guitar Toolkit) and music tuition (for example, David Mead’s Guitar Gym) apps around that can be worth adding to your app collection. An app that falls very firmly in this latter group is the TempoTeacher music app by developer BirdSound. Yes, on the surface this is (another – there are plenty of very good ones) metronome app but, as the ‘teacher’ name tag … [Read more...]