Master FX review – multi-effects app for iPad from Igor Vasiliev

If you have been a regular visitor to the Music App Blog for a while, you might recall that I’ve reviewed both the MasterRecord and Audio Mastering apps from Igor Vasiliev (iMusicAlbum). I was impressed by both of these apps and for a touch of analog warmth or to add some final ‘mastering’ punch and sparkle to your stereo mix, both apps have plenty to offer the iOS musician who uses their iPad for multi-track recording duties. Igor is now back with a third iOS effect app to tempt you with; … [Read more...]

MasterRecord music app updated to v.1.1

Regular readers here will be familiar with Igor Vasiliev’s effects processors for iOS. Hot on the heels of the update to his Audio Mastering app comes the v.1.1 update for MasterRecord. You can read the original review of MasterRecord here but the app - which allows you to add a little bit of analog-style tape emulation to your digital recordings - has had some new features added in this update in addition to some minor bug fixes. The most obvious additions are two additional tape flutter … [Read more...]

MasterRecord music app review – analog warmth for your iPad recording from Igor Vasiliev

Regular readers here will be familiar with Igor Vasiliev’s Audio Mastering app, the first all-in-one stand-alone mastering app for iOS musicians. I reviewed this app a few months ago. While it perhaps doesn’t match the features available in desktop mastering software like Izotope’s Ozone, it is brilliantly implemented for iOS and gives users just the right balance between ease of use, features and audio quality. For anyone building an iOS recording studio that goes beyond Garageband, Audio … [Read more...]