AUFX:Push review – Jonatan Liljedahl adds a comprehensive compressor app to the excellent Kymatica AUFX series

I’ve reviewed all the iOS music apps in the AUFX series previously here on the blog – Space, Dub and PeakQ – and all are brilliant. If you need an easy-to-use, effective and great value (each app is currently UKE£3.99) solution for reverb, delay or EQ under iOS, then these apps ought to be in your collection. The very straightforward interface design makes them a doddle to work with and, with both Audiobus and IAA support, they can easily be slotted into your recording projects using any of the … [Read more...]

Sector review – stochastic sample slice sequencer from Jonatan Liljedahl/Kymatica

OK, let’s start with the obvious question….  just what the heck is a stochastic sample slice sequencer? While it might be the kind of gizmo that finds its way on to a planetary geologist’s fantasy unmanned Mars rover, fortunately for us (well, unless you happen to be a geologist with an interest in other planets), in Sector’s case, it is a tool for manipulating audio loops. The ‘sample slice’ bit is straightforward enough; Sector allows you to take an audio loop an slice it into….  well….  … [Read more...]

AUFX:Dub music app updated – new features added to iOS delay effect app

A few weeks ago I reviewed Kymatica's AUFX:Dub music app - a dedicated delay effects processor app for iOS - and part of developer Jonatan Liljedahl's AUFX series of apps (which also features the excellent AUFX:Space). AUFX:Dub is brilliant, and if you are interested in building a collection of apps for iOS recording duties, then it is well deserving of a place in your app collection. It works well with Audiobus and can be configured with either Cubasis or Auria using the DIY send effects … [Read more...]

AUFX:Dub music app review – dedicated delay app for iOS

A few weeks ago I was lucky enough to get hold of Kymatica’s AUFX:Space music app – a dedicated reverb effect for iOS – and the first in the proposed AUFX series to be released by Kymatica’s Jonatan Liljedahl. AUFX:Space has already had one update with some new features (including a very useful bypass button) but Jonatan obviously likes to keep busy because we now also have the second app in the AUFX series; the AUFX:Dub music app (UK£2.49). AUFX:Dub is a dedicated delay effect. It includes … [Read more...]

AUFX:Space music app review – dedicated reverb app for iOS

The AUFX:Space music app is the first dedicated iOS reverb effect app I've reviewed for the blog. Produced by Kymatica, it is the first of a series of effects apps that are in development. While reverb and delay effects are built into many iOS music apps (DAWs, synths, guitar amp sims, etc.), as AUFX:Space's reason for being is reverb, it's perhaps worth considering some basics of effects like reverb and delay to set the review - which I'll come to asap below - into a broader context....  but … [Read more...]