MIDI Guitar updated – v.2 of audio-to-MIDI conversion app from Jam Origin arrives

I lamented the lot of the MIDI-hungry guitar player some time ago when reviewing the YouRock Guitar.  In short, however, there are a number of technologies that attempt to provide guitarists with a means of getting MIDI data from their guitar playing skills but, even after 25+ years of trying, none of these technologies has really fully cracked the problem. Three main approaches can be identified; the MIDI pickup, fretboard based note triggers and audio-to-MIDI conversion. Roland’s GK-3 … [Read more...]

MIDI Guitar review – audio-to-MIDI conversion app from Jam Origin

I posted a review of the YouRock Guitar MIDI controller for guitar players earlier this week and, having got myself on a MIDI guitar roll, thought I’d follow that up by taking a look at one of the leading audio-to-MIDI convertor apps as a comparison. Jam Origin’s app – simply called MIDI Guitar – has been around on the App Store for some time and, in a nutshell, takes an audio signal, identifies the pitch, and then outputs a MIDI note of the same pitch. However, to coincide with the release … [Read more...]